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The beauty of Cloud technology is that it is accessible to everyone. The bottleneck is expertise in cloud technologies. But it doesn't have to be.

Based in Munich, Germany, with tech talent centres in Kiev, Krakow and Sofia, K&C's comprehensive Cloud services provide you with on-demand expertise when and where you need it across infrastructure, migration, cloud native development, maintenance and cost management.

Reliability - Communication - Performance - Price - Results

Your Cloud Services

The cloud expertise you need - when, where and how you need it!


Private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud? A flexible, future-proofed architecture will optimise performance, security and costs for your needs today and tomorrow.


Migrate your legacy systems & apps to the cloud without the risk of failure. Focus on your business while we handle your move to the cloud!

Native Development

Cloud, and especially cloud native development, results in faster time to market, seamless scalability, superior user experiences, simpler management, cost efficiencies and more reliable systems without vendor lock-in.


Expert cloud management ensures resources are properly interacting with users and other services at the optimal price point.

Cloud Transformation The K&C Way



We love to surprise with how quickly we can set up a Kubernetes-based Cloud DevOps infrastructure



With our clear process and communication fro requirements to implementation and validation. Field-proven.



German HQ and management combine with nearshored tech expertise for winning price/quality value ratio

Savings from cloud migration average 15% on all IT spending and 36% for SMEs!

Why Spend More?

Cloud Experts On Demand

Cloud Consulting

Make sure you benefit fully from your cloud transformation by having the right cloud strategy in place for your organisation as a whole + individual apps and systems.

Cloud Experts

Gaps in your inhouse cloud & DevOps team don't have to slow you down or compromise quality. Parachute in the right expertise to get the job done to the standard you need, on time and in budget.

Cloud Teams

Project-based cloud DevOps teams. Your cloud development and maintenance needs can be dynamic and the resources you need to execute them can change. Our teams are made to order. Your next cloud project end-to-end, without the headache.

Your Cloud

Cloud Agnostic Experts


Easy porting. Use (and pay for) the infrastructure when it is actually needed.

Public Cloud

K&C is a cloud agnostic provider - AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc. The cloud that fits your needs.

Multi Cloud

Strategic change or parallel operations leveraging different providers. Country-specific operations(China, EU, USA).

Private/Hybrid Cloud

Integration of internal applications with cloud services.

7 Steps To Your Cloud Native Application

Agile, Controlled Agile or Fixed Budget - Your Project, Your Rules.

We Listen & Learn

Identifying your requirements, framework conditions and long-term goals. Initial architectural proposal and budget planning


Cloud infrastructure and MVP application implemented and feasibility confirmed


Cloud native application and infrastructure realised. Agile approach with budget control

Quality Control

Forensic testing for reliability, security and load behavior.


A seamlessly automated deployment process for full agility during your application's development.


Environment and deployment controlled with Kubernetes. Hybrid / multi-cloud capable where applicable


Our DevOps team monitors your application's performance with cutting-edge tools such as Prometheus or Nagios according to agreed SLAs.

Customer’s references

Angular Development Team Extension For Online Learning Start-Up
StudySmarter is a Munich-based start-up with the ambition to be Europe's #1 digital learning platform. Recruiting high quality React developers is the company's biggest bottleneck.
Monolith to Microservices Migration Of Enterprise CMS
Informa's core enterprise CMS was built on a monolithic architecture, using increasingly obsolete technologies. Migration to React & Node.js required to future-proof the CMS and make it easier to hire web developers to work on it, while cutting running costs.
Cutting Edge Online Media Analytics Development – Remote Full Stack Team Extension
Seamless integration of remote team of engineers with client’s in-house team delivers world class online media and ecommerce analytics platform.
Legacy Platform To Blockchain Migration – A Case Study
We've done a lot of Cloud migration of legacy apps but blockchain migration was new and exciting even for us! Find out how we migrated an established intellectual property platform to blockchain.
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