How we built a B2B marketplace in just 3 months

Sometimes you just have to get it done!

Our customer needed us to develop, from scratch, a complex B2B marketplace for virtual gaming goods. The catch? They wanted it ready in 3 months. In this IT Outsourcing Case Study we explain just how we managed!

Our client, a leader in the rapidly growing and changing world of virtual games, wanted to implement an innovative business model with us. 

(Customer name protected)

Project Overview
  • B2B Marketplace for virtual gaming goods
  • Multi-Media
  • International Payments
  • Complex roles and rights
  • Challengingly tight deadline

The Challenge

Implementation of a market place with convincing presentation of the gaming goods, ranking of sellers plus integration of international payment providers.
With such strict conditions, the best approach is to be flexible. According to the principles of iterative development, we modified our architecture and changed the conceptual ideas when required. The primary rule is not to focus too much on a certain technology pool, choosing just one solution and being afraid to deviate from the plan. Following the LEAN approach, we delayed most of the initial features and ideas at the early development stages just with the intention of introducing them later.

We chose the tools that, we believed, would give us a chance with such a risky project. Those were Python, Django, and Celery for backend; Vue.js for frontend; Docker, Compose and AWS for DevOps. Flexible microservices architecture.
The deadline was "Christmas" and our project plan ensured that the MVP will be delivered in-time and in-budget.
At every stage customer knew what we are doing and in close communication we were discussing best way of implementing the features.
Front-End Vue.js
Back-End Microservices
CMS Python, Django
DevOps Cloud AWS, Docker, Compose

The Result

Within a short time, the client received a market-ready project, which was reliable, stable, and well thought out. The next step is further development at the production level, which the project is now ready for
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