20 years of enabling digital potential

K&C has been driving digital transformation since 1999. Privately owned we are dedicated to our partners' success through German management, a global talent pool and leading technologies.


Michael Krusche
CEO at K&C
When we came up with our “Best People. Best Technology. Best Results” slogan, I felt it embodied the accomplishment of my big dream - to establish an innovative company with highly motivated people who enjoy working with technology and learning new skills to meet our customers' needs with excellence.
Claudia Söhlemann
Head of Sales
My role is to understand the demanding and individual requirements of our customers and make sure our team achieves your goals’
Dmytro Salo
Head of Delivery
The essence of effective delivery is technical excellence blended with result-oriented process and great team spirit.’
Vyara Kamberska
Head of Finance
Accurate accounting is the backbone of any company and the basis for successful business decisions.’
Inna Kostenko
Managing Director Ukraine
Whatever we do, we focus on people. Our service quality is determined by the expertise of the team involved as well as effective external and internal relationship management that ensures knowledge exchange and reliable support to achieve established goals. We enjoy working as we do make a positive contribution to the lives of others by helping ensure they work in successful, forward-thinking organisations.
John Alexander Adam
Head of Digital Marketing
My job is to share as much of the knowledge and experience we have in K&C as possible. Sharing, not guarding, value is what we try to do at every level, marketing included!
Max Golovin
Branch Manager, Poland

Our History - K&C through the years

Investment advisory

Understanding the demanding and individual requirements of our customers in the financial services sector and lending our team to the successful realisation of their goals

Internet banking

Service partnership with Finanz informatik established.

Extending banking sector

More banks became our customers

Space industry Czech

Working for large European space agencies like ESA or EADS. Foundation of e.s.c Czech.

Ukraine (Web, Liferay)

Establishment of our first nearshored talent centre with Web Development and Liferay experts

Office in Kyiv, Ukraine
Strategic partnership

With large blue-chip customers in the banking, automotive and gambling industry

Angular, Microservices, Devops

Continuing to train and expand our team with a focus on leading technologies


Second nearshored talent centre established in Poland to get closer to our customers.

Office in Krakow, Poland
135 employees

The result of our clear focus on cutting-edge technologies, offices in the right nearshore locations and sustainable customer relations.

Krusche & Company GmbH
Jakob-Klar-Str. 4
80796 Munich
+49 89 41617569-00

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