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The quality of your organisation's digital products is synonomous with the quality of your brand, regardless of whether you are a blue chip enterprise or growing startup.

Maintaining and improving that quality means the right experts working on the right products. We're here to provide the flexibility in technology skills you need, with delivery management standards that keep you in control and confident.

Reliability - Flexibility - Communication - Performance - Price - Results

Web Development Outsourcing
That Doesn't Feel Like It



Our mission - maintain a level of transparent communication from day 1. So good you feel in closer touch and more control than with your inhouse staff.



Comprehensible scheduling and budget planning from the get-go - even with changing requirements.


Cutting-Edge Quality

The beauty of outsourcing software development is that every job is executed by someone qualified and experienced in exactly that job. Don't compromise.

How Can We Help?

To Discuss Your Next Web or App Development Project or Just Find Out More About How We Work Drop Us A Line!

Software Development Services - Your Way

Team Extensions

Add the web development skills and extra resource you need to get your next project released on time, in budget and on point with K&C's team augmentation service.

Dedicated Teams

Curated, ready-to-go DevOps teams ready to complete your web development or app project end-to-end.

Flexible Models

Agile, controlled agile, fixed price. Flexible cooperation models to best fit your organisational needs and priorities and your development project.

Our Software Development Technology Stack

Front-End Development

JavaScript Frameworks including Angular, React, Vue.js and more.

Back-End Development

    Spring, NETFLIX ZUUL, Hibernate, Node.js


    Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio, Docker and more

9 Steps To Your App

A Quality End Product Doesn't Happen By Accident

Listen & Define

The first step is always to clarify and document the goals of all stakeholders, framework conditions and required functionality


No nasty surprises. Defining what your finished app will look like.

React, Angular or VueJS?

Modern JS frameworks for desktop or mobile. Time to choose the tech.

CMS Drupal

Worldwide, country-specific rollout of your content with frightening page speed. SEO optimized.


Scalable, agile applications with Java, Node.js or Python. Cloud native, of course.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance has to start from the beginning. Test planning, high test coverage and automation.

DevOps CI/CD, Kubernetes Docker

Deployment as fast as your business environment with flexible automation of pipelines secured by modern cloud processes like GitOps.


Tools like Nagios and Prometheus monitor your application in real time. The stability your users demand.

Web Development Case Studies
Velocity Doesn’t Have To Compromise Quality – Marketplace For Gamers
We had just 3 months to build, from scratch, an online marketplace for digital gaming goods. The deadline was daunting but the quality of the end product non-negotiable. Here's how we managed.
Digital Revolution – ViaBuy Fintech Mobile App
How and why we chose React Native as the optimal tech solution for our client's fintech mobile app
Cutting Edge Online Media Analytics Development – Remote Full Stack Team Extension
Seamless integration of remote team of engineers with client’s in-house team delivers world class online media and ecommerce analytics platform.
Multinational Event Organisation Platform? No Problem!
The world's biggest events company needed an AI and Big Data-Powered CMS. So We built them one.
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