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Software Quality Assurance

As software developers ourselves, we take huge pride, and care, in the quality of the digital products we build for our partners. Their quality represents our K&C brand, carefully cultivated over more than 20 years.

To ensure the quality of the software that represents our own brand, we developed robust and effective integrated QA and software testing processes and automation. Those same systems can ensure the quality of your software represents your brand just as well.

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QA Services

For German Quality-Assured Software You Can Be Proud Of

Functional Testing

We make sure your software always does exactly what it is supposed to. Because otherwise, what's the point?

DevOps Test Automation

Automated UI, API, performance testing for continuous delivery and deployment (CI/CD). Because robots are reliable.

Performance Testing

Load testing, stress testing, scalability testing and stability testing. Because it's no use if it's great for 100 people but sucks for a 1000.

Security Testing

Because it probably won't happen to you. But it might. And that's bad. Penetration testing makes sure your software has no unlocked doors inviting trouble.

Be That Good All The Time

Can We Help You Make Sure The Best Side Of Your Software Is Its Only Side?

QA Services & Software Testing - The K&C Way


We combine our German business and delivery management standards with nearshored tech talent for an optimal price to quality, convenience and trust ratio.


With our clear process and communication from requirements to implementation to validation. Field-proven.


Serving our partners in Germany & Europe for over 20 years. We have a track record and built a reputation we're not giving up.

K&C's QA Test Process


Where we understand your needs and goals and reach consensus on how best to fulfill them.

Test Plan

Initial plan for test cases, test environment, automation tools and reporting

Test Specification

Creating test cases and validating customer requirements. Prioritizing: manual, automated or regression


Test automation with jUnit, Frontend tests with Selenium, Cucumber


Test framework for managing, specifiyng and running tests with tools like TestRail or Jira Xray


Don't leave backdoors for hackers. Security is checked in the build process. DevOps becomes DevSecOps.


Tests are integrated where feasible in the deployment process. With each deployment you will get a comprehensive report about the status.

Don't Undo Your Good Work By Neglecting QA!
We believe that quality is the basis for a sustainable collaboration. Between us and our customers and for their customers. At K&C, quality assurance is an integral part of our delivery management.
Michael Krusche
Founder and CEO of K&C
Playtech Dedicated Liferay Team
Playtech, the market-leading online gaming software supplier, offers cutting-edge solutions for the industry's leading operators. Retaining its position as industry top-dog means Playtech has to keep its customers happy with the best technology on the market. That involves building and maintaining international teams of nearshored developers with expertise across a range of modern tech stacks. This is how K&C helped them quickly establish and ramp-up a team of 120 Liferay developers.
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