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Your customers want it all: High frequency delivery without compromising quality. With K&C Quality Assurance consulting or outsourcing, we set up DevOps processes and software to thoroughly and efficiently test your applications. We validate your application in your Continuous Integration Pipeline at each deployment with automated testing.

Don’t let hackers find a vulnerable backdoor. Ensure high security standards by integrating automated security tests. DevOps becomes DevSecOps.

Change to Quality Mode

With K&C as your QA consultants or outsourced test resource, applications will only pass the quality gateway if they meet the strictest demands - the expectations of your customers. Our holistic software testing approach combines organisation, automation technologies and methodologies for a sustainable change management.

Continuous Quality Assurance with Automated Software Testing

Don't Undo Your Good Work By Neglecting QA!
We believe that quality is the basis for a sustainable collaboration. Between us and our customers and for their customers. At K&C, quality assurance is an integral part of our delivery management.
Michael Krusche
Founder and CEO of K&C
Krusche & Company GmbH
Jakob-Klar-Str. 4
80796 Munich
+49 89 41617569-00
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