A blockchain technology case study

Introduction/The Client

Save Ideas is a start-up that has created a free-to-use global platform where anyone can save and protect their intellectual property, exchange ideas, communicate with others, and attract affiliates, customers and investors.

The platform had been live since 2015 and was ready for expansion. We were tasked with migrating it onto a blockchain ahead of an impending ICO.

The challenge

The Challenge

A dedicated team was tasked with the development of a private blockchain system to store website submissions, with due consideration for ICO functionality.

We had just three weeks to manage a migration onto the Ethereum Blockchain in advance of the Save Ideas ICO.

Our Solution

Built on Ethereum

For security and to facilitate an ICO a private blockchain would be built on Ethereum. Smart contracts would be used to store users’ IP.


Ethereum’s blockchain tech allows for the development of applications with no possibility of misrepresentation, restriction or outside interference, making the whole process more efficient and secure.

Solidity Development

Solidity, the programming language native to Ethereum, used to develop smart contracts and facilitate interaction with other contracts. REST Services used to integrate the blockchain functionality with the Save Ideas Web Portal

The Result

We wanted to leverage distributed ledger technologies and deliver blockchain benefits to users of our free online platform for the protection of ideas and intellectual property rights.

For this purpose, we selected K&C as our dedicated partner, as they offered over 20 years of expertise and experience in working with leading companies, demonstrating agile cooperation and timely fulfilment of their commitments.

We started with an initial workshop and within only 3 weeks the K&C team delivered a minimum viable product on the Ethereum blockchain and set up Smart Contracts with Solidity.

We’re very happy with the advanced tech stack offered by K&C and already look forward to further cooperation after our planned  ICO.

Prof Dr Hazbo Skoko
Founder and CEO, SaveIdeas

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