Multinational Events Platform

A case study on an enterprise platform with marketing automation / Big Data / AI


KNect365 is the world’s largest events producer, with several thousand events annually welcoming 150,000 delegates in over 70 countries. Its leading events are complemented by year-round, multi-format content, networking opportunities, and capability-enhancing tools and programmes.

Project Overview
  • Multi-national event and knowledge organisation
  • United CMS platform for managing events
  • Multi-tenant marketplace with individual branding
  • E-commerce platform with marketing automation based on Big Data and AI

The Challenge

The client needed to unite all KNect365 events under a single marketplace. The main project goal was to create a single e-commerce platform for all KNect365 events and marketing.

K&C was responsible for a full cycle of development, starting from product definition through UI/UX design, architecture, development and DevOps.

The K&C team developed technical solutions to make the client’s business idea work. We offered our improvements on:

Integration of external services with e-commerce platform.

We relocated the entire project to AWS and the authorisation service to Amazon Cognito. Simultaneously, we began to actively implement this authorisation in other projects to increase the number of users.

In addition, we managed to integrate with a significant amount of external portals within the KNect365 space. This gave us the opportunity to gather anonymised demographic and etymological data on users as well as trace their behaviour on the website. The next stage of the project is to automate almost all marketing activities and personalise the whole website portfolio to show the most relevant content for users.
A multi-tenant whitelabel solution which supports any event provider within the Informa holding.
Marketing Automation
By integrating a significant amount of external portals we got specific demographic and etymological data for marketing automation.
We relocated the entire project,including authorisation service Amazon Cognito, to AWS cloud.
K&C Experts
The year the project was started
the number of delegates worldwide using the new platform we built.

The K&C team started to work on the project with the goal of evolving IT architecture that would ignite further sustainable growth. Informa set us the goal to unite all of KNect365’s events within one platform. Today, KNect365 has a smoothly working platform that enables it to engage with its customers across multiple digital channels.

Customer Benefits

A new cloud provider and the automated marketing approach helped the project utilise the benefits of full digitalisation. A significant increase in sales and new business opportunities has since been realized as a direct result.

Word of mouth

'We looked for a trustworthy development team, who could bring to life our bold ideas, for quite a while. When Informa and KNect365 first started to work with K&C, there was a lot to do. However, after a couple of months, the result was more than just good. The K&C team has met our expectations, considering their professional integrity, technical competence, drive, and readiness to achieve challenging tasks. And they did all of this on short notice. There is no hesitation from us in continuing our cooperation.'

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