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Quality, timely software development and IT services from infrastructure architecture to cyber security are an almost constant need.

But in a fast-paced and dynamic technology and business landscape, those needs are variable. IT Outsourcing is the ideal solution. The exact technology skills and experience you need now, but perhaps not 3 or 6 months from now. Flexible cooperation models to fit your organisation’s and project needs.

Reliability – Flexibility – Communication – Performance – Price

IT Outsourcing That Doesn't Feel Like It





Over our 20+ years of experience as a nearshored IT outsourcing provider, we’ve learned that excellence in standards of communication and delivery management is at least as crucial to succesful outcomes as technical excellence.


Our mandate is to provide you with scalable, on-demand technical expertise to execute your IT projects while you focus on your organisation or business.

Technical Excellence

Expertise & experience in our tech stack, including Kubernetes, should be a given. And it is. But for an application to be a true example of technical excellence, exacting standards must be met across every other process that influences the final product. That’s something else you can rely on.

Ready To Accelerate Your Business?

Quality, Delivery Speed & Value For Your Digital Products, Systems and Infrastructure

IT Outsourcing Your Way

The flexibility in IT resources & budget a digitally-enabled organisation needs!

Tech Talent

The precise tech skills and experience an organisation needs change over time and between projects. IT-specialists-as-a-service are often the ideal solution to that reality.

Price-to-Quality Ratio

Quality, reliable nearshore outsourcing reconciles the competing priorities of the need for uncompromised quality in business critical software and IT architecture and a well-managed budget.

Trust & Communication

Business critical IT projects mean trust in an outsourcing partner is essential. Our Munich home and German management standards mean we ‘speak your language’, and accounting & legalities are simple.


Our nearshored tech specialists are on your timezone, have a compatible business and communications culture and are just a couple of hours flight away.

IT Outsourcing Your Way

Local Communication - IT Outsourcing That Doesn't Feel Like It

Team Extensions

It often isn’t viable for an organisation or business to always have the inhouse technology skills and experience required for digital projects that vary in scale and nature over time.

Outsourced team extensions are the perfect solution. Just parachute in the expertise you need, for however long you need it.

Dedicated Teams

DevOps and other specialist teams perfectly tailored to the requirements of a specific project. Your project realised end-to-end by the ‘in a perfect world’ team.

Customising teams for a perfect fit not only ensures optimal quality of the end product. It also reduces your costs and accelerates the release cycle.

Budget Control

Every digital project has its own business case and every organisation its own needs and preferences around how it structures budgets.

Which is why we offer a range of cooperation models including agile, controlled agile and fixed budget development. Budget for your project the way that makes most sense for you, and it.

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