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Why Choose React.js For Your Next App?

Originally created for Facebook, React has quickly become one of the most used front-end Web Development technologies in the world. A JavaScript library rather than a ‘language’, at React’s core is a mission to streamline the app development process on the business side while improving the end user experience. React’s core use is in the build of single-page app user interfaces and SSR apps that use JS. The accessible level of JavaScript and HTML needed to code using React has been a major contributing factor to the rise in its popularity with developers and users alike.

React Strengths

Speed & Quality
React allows you to break any app into components so developers can write clean, modular code that can be reused, boosting productivity and reducing the space for error.
Flexible & Low Maintenance
The modular structure of React-coded applications makes them much easier to maintain and update than monolithic alternatives. React’s flexibility mean web and mobile apps developed with the library are extremely scalable. That saves time and money.
High Performance
Core features of the React.js and React Native libraries include virtual DOM and server-side rendering. The speed of the large-scale apps those features allow for is the cornerstone of the high performance developers and users have come to expect of React.

Our React developers are equally skilled in React Native and ReactJS, creating outstandingly user-friendly and business efficient software applications

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Why Choose K&C For Your React Development?

K&C is a full-service enterprise software development firm based in Munich, Germany and with nearshored tech talent centres in Kiev and Krakow. Our cross-team proficiency in the latest technologies allow us to build solutions that scale and last.

From infrastructure consulting and design to front-end web development using React.js, Angular, Vue.js etc., and back-end engineering – our advisors and developers have specialised in helping organisations across Germany and Europe set their sector’s IT standard. ReactJS and React Native app development is among our core competencies as an agency.

But we are not wedded to any single technology – our job is to help you choose the optimal solution(s) for the needs of your next web or mobile development project – and then provide you with the experts you need to plan, develop and launch it.
Simple yet effective and impressive. Is React.js the right call for your next web development project? K&C consultants can help you decide!
React Native
Mobile app development has never been faster, more cost efficient and better for the user all at the same time!
React for Enterprise
React is far from just a library for simple, low demand apps. Simplification doesn’t mean simple. It means user-friendly, scalable apps that can take your enterprise apps to the next level!
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