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IT Services - The K&C Way

Like most things, when it comes to what separates IT outsourcing services that deliver and those that don't, the devil is in the detail - and that detail is a combination of technical know-how as a baseline, cultural compatibility between our organisations, communication and processes. Informed by 20+ years experience.
You have a business case. We have a business case. Our partnership will be effective and sustainable when we're both transparent about finding the win-win that recognises that and extends to all the little and larger details along the way.
You'll never be left wondering. It's not difficult, nor complicated. But just taking 2 minutes to update each other, even simply to say 'we're on track', is as important as anything in a successful professional partnership. So we always do.
Our role is to provide you with the flexible IT resource your project cycles need. And that's what we'll do. Scale up, scale down, adjust the tech stack, full delivery management or you in control. Every project is different, and so is its needs.

We've enabled some of Europe's biggest brands. We also support exciting start-ups.

Big project, or small, the successful relationships have one thing in common. An attitude of mutual respect based on transparency, great communication, flexibility and a common goal.

Are you falling behind or not quite as succesful as you should be because you lack the right IT resources?

But struggling to put those resources in place because you worry the wrong choices will be costly and time consuming? The IT skills gap is a very real issue for almost every organisation today. But not acting to solve it guarantees being left behind.

IT Outsourcing is one obvious solution to unblocking the bottleneck and starting to release the new software and infrastructure projects that will drive your organisation forward at pace. But how do you know if you're choosing the right IT Outsourcing partner? One that will be a sustainable solution over the long-term, supporting your success, rather than another headache?

When does IT outsourcing work? And when doesn’t it?

IT Services
The K&C Way


We love to surprise with how quickly we can set up a Kubernetes-based Cloud DevOps infrastructure.


German HQ and management combine with nearshored tech expertise for a winning price/quality ratio.


Clear processes and communication from establishing requirements to implementation and validation. Field-proven.

The Flexibility You Need

Team Extensions

Support your inhouse IT team with the tech skills and experience their next project needs.

Team extensions mean you always have the right resources for your digital products to meet the quality standard of your brand, on time and in budget.

Dedicated Teams

Tailor-made teams customised to the precise skill set needed to complete your next digital project end-to-end.

You focus on your business while your K&C team delivers the digital edge it needs.

Budget Control

A one-size-fits-all cooperation model doesn't reflect the reality every individual IT project and organisation has its own business case.

So we don't offer one-size-fits-all cooperation models. Choose from agile, controlled agile or fixed price structures.

Our IT Services

DevOps, Cloud Native & Future-Proofed Tech Stack

Web, App & Software Development

Your next digital project delivered on time, to budget, and worry free.

Web, App & Software Development Services

Software Testing & QA

Digital products whose quality represents your brand's 100% of the time.

Software Testing & QA Services

DevOps Consulting & Services

Release better, faster. DevOps teams and consultants supporting your digital evolution.

DevOps Consulting & Services

Cloud Native Development & Consulting

Cloud agnostic infrastructure and development support.

The right cloud for the right load for performance, cost efficiency & security.

Cloud Native Development & Consulting

K&C Case Studies

Angular Development Team Extension For Online Learning Start-Up
StudySmarter is a Munich-based start-up with the ambition to be Europe's #1 digital learning platform. Recruiting high quality React developers is the company's biggest bottleneck.
Monolith to Microservices Migration Of Enterprise CMS
Informa's core enterprise CMS was built on a monolithic architecture, using increasingly obsolete technologies. Migration to React & Node.js required to future-proof the CMS and make it easier to hire web developers to work on it, while cutting running costs.
Cutting Edge Online Media Analytics Development – Remote Full Stack Team Extension
Seamless integration of remote team of engineers with client’s in-house team delivers world class online media and ecommerce analytics platform.
Legacy Platform To Blockchain Migration – A Case Study
We've done a lot of Cloud migration of legacy apps but blockchain migration was new and exciting even for us! Find out how we migrated an established intellectual property platform to blockchain.

Best People

A Europe-wide talent pool and customer centric processes provides you with the technology experts you need, when, how and where you need them.

Best Technology

Our experts are trained and experienced in the latest cutting-edge technologies to fully leverage their power on your behalf.

Best Results

Large-scale projects consistently delivered in-budget and on-time for the start-ups, SMEs and enterprise-level brands whose digital transformation we support.

Word of mouth

We looked for a trustworthy development team, who could bring to life our bold ideas, for quite a while. When Informa and KNect365 first started to work with K&C, there was a lot to do. However, after a couple of months, the result was more than just good. The K&C team has met our expectations, considering their professional integrity, technical competence, drive, and readiness to achieve challenging tasks. And they did all of this on short notice. There is no hesitation from us in continuing our cooperation.
We wanted to leverage distributed ledger technologies and deliver blockchain benefits to users of our free online platform for protection of ideas and intellectual property rights. For this purpose we have chosen K&C as our dedicated partner, as they offered over 20 years of expertise and experience of working with leading companies, demonstrating agile cooperation and timely fulfillment of their commitments. We started with initial workshop and within only 3 weeks K&C team delivered a minimum viable product for Ethereum blockchain project and set up Smart Contracts with Solidity. We’re very happy with the advanced tech stack offered by K&C and already look forward to further cooperation for our envisaged ICO.
K&C was a great deal of help for us with custom Java Mapping Engine that enabled fast implementation of migration components. Their automated testing approach ensured high quality throughout. The deliveries have been on schedule, the acceptance was done by Sparkassen pilot group.
As local systems integrator K&C supported us in complicated integration of products that happen to involve a lot of contractors. K&C professionalism and technical expertise ensured we overcome that challenge. K&C has demonstrated high flexibility in daily project management and contracting process that enabled agile adoption of new requirements and made it possible for us to meet some strict deadlines that emerged due to recently changed legislation. Also, the project had a fixed price basis for peace-of-mind budget planning.
K&C supported us flawlessly through the software migration process – from business analysis and installation of the software to the migration itself. The ambitious migration undertaking with many complications arising along the way was a complete success thanks to K&C expertise, high service culture, and the ability to deliver on time.
To create deeply integrated and powerful AI solutions which transform our customers’ business, we do require reliable and fault tolerant infrastructure. With K&C professionals we have successfully achieved this challenging goal for one of our high-load services that receives over 12 mln. requests weekly. We rely on K&C to leverage the benefits of Docker, Rancher, AWS Route53 and S3, ELK, Ceph, Traefik and other advanced tools and design cost-effective solutions for our tasks.
The open architectural concept of K&C has made effective implementation possible in this intricate field by introducing a variety of distribution channels, technical surroundings, and great cooperation partners while reducing maintenance costs simultaneously. Besides, K&C has successfully supported us in all project phases with its high professionalism and technological competency.
K&C has been a reliable partner for our projects. Fortunate to work with established and highly skilled professionals that have a clear understanding of our specific business needs and requirements. I am happy to report that we managed to meet the agreed timelines, and at reasonable rates.
We had a lot of questions and challenges that we encountered during our demanding project. Thanks to the culture of high-quality service at K&C all of them were solved quickly and successfully.
Due to its extensive expertise and valuable experience developing corporate mission-critical portals, K&C has been our reliable partner throughout every stage - from planning to delivery of web solution. This goal-oriented and consolidated cooperation made it possible to develop a high-load web application and integrate it into the Metro AG portal, allowing to submit Yes Telecom offers to more than 1.5 million of prospects within just one month.
We turned to K&C and have found professional support, as well as a dedicated business partner. They have both expertise in building powerful social web platforms and competence in supporting our complex web development projects - from processes automation to customer co-creation.
Since the very beginning, K&C was our trusted partner who has always provided us with competent support and advice. Whether we’re on the exploration stage, selecting technology for the next project or need a dedicated team of specialists, K&C is always there to help. Our strong collaboration was 100% result-focused with critical and strategic viewpoints.
Being the index calculation service provider to SIX Group, Deutsche Börse AG and STOXX, Indexium demanded sophisticated testing processes. K&C has built an entire test team from the ground up and provided a comprehensive range of testing to ensure the high quality and stability of the application.
Our rapid growth and integration into the organizational structure of BNP Paribas Personal Finance S.A required a new solution for automating core business processes. Deep technical background and rich experience allowed K&C to provide us with a full range of practical support at each stage of project implementation - from quality management to testing, and to ongoing maintenance. I am happy to mention that the K&C team has a good understanding of our specific needs for lean processes and was able to complete the project within the agreed budget and timeline.

IT outsourcing that doesn’t feel like it!

Our team is your team. We take away the headache and you keep full control of staffing, budget and delivery. 20 years of experience delivering for some of Europe’s best known brands and SMEs has taught us communication & processes are as important as tech know-how. We have a variety of flexible IT Outsourcing models designed to fit the unique needs of each and every one of our partners.

Why K&C ?

Michael Krusche
CEO at K&C
Our customers see - as we do – the huge opportunity that the digital economy and technologies represent for them. Having experienced the issues faced by companies and organisations on their digital transformation journey first hand during my previous life as a consultant, I founded K&C in Munich in 1999. Then, and now, the mission has always been to provide the professionals, processes and technologies needed to deliver outstanding results, pain-free!
Our partners choose us because:
  • German management
    and the highest standards of client service.
  • Proven expertise
    in advanced tech stacks including Angular / React, microservices, cloud (AWS, hybrid), DevOps (Rancher, Kubernetes), Big Data and AI
  • Great results
    we’ve delivered to customers like Bosch, Lufthansa, Sparkassen, Informa and other companies in automotive, fintech, ecommerce. When the risk of failure is not an option, they come to K&C.
  • Expert teams
    We've curated the best tech and project management Munich/Germany, Krakow/Poland, Sofia/Bulgaria and Kiev/Ukraine have to offer.
Krusche & Company GmbH
Jakob-Klar-Str. 4
80796 Munich
+49 89 41617569-00

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