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Your IT specialist and dev staffing problems solved and projects shipped – no upfront costs, no lock-in, 1 monthly invoice, choice of cooperation model and 3 nearshore rate tiers

A few of the partners we’re proud to be trusted by:

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K&C has been a reliable partner for several of our projects. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with established and skilled professionals that have a clear understanding of our specific business needs and requirements.

Holger Böttcher
Head of Workshop Cloud Services at Robert Bosch

Krusche & Company have always delivered on time. Their customer-centered approach and adaptability contribute to a successful partnership, with collaboration occurring virtually.

Christian Müller
Head of Comm & Information Solutions, Finanz Informatik

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We already knew K&C before our need to ramp up our development team and knew that they are reliable and have experience with a variety of company sizes including start-ups like us. So we were confident we'd be a good fit and the reality matched with K&C support invaluable to our IT recruitment process as a scaling start-up.

Till Söhlemann
Co-founder, StudySmarter


IT outsourcing - a strategic choice

Software development project cycles need different IT services and specialists at different times. And more or fewer people may be needed to work on creation and maintenance, as a digital project or product evolves.

You know as well as we do, that’s the nature of the beast.

But it does make it difficult to maintain an in-house IT team that’s always the right size and tech stack for project cycles.

And we’re all familiar with the difficulty of finding the right specialists, at the right price. 

That’s why IT outsourcing makes perfect strategic sense! And why it’s crucial to choose a partner who will deliver!

We deliver consistently, giving you one thing less to worry about. And we think it’s important to be effective AND pleasure to work with – after all, we’re a service provider. 

That’s why we have clients that have relied on us for over 20 years! 

Nearshore teams and team extensions for:

Web Dev, QA, DevOps and Cloud Tech Stacks

Software Development - web, native & mobile

Your next digital project delivered on time, to budget, and worry free.

Cloud Development & Consulting

Cloud-native development and infrastructure experts at your service. 

DevOps Consulting & Services

DevOps teams, and consulting. Kubernetes specialists.

Software Testing
& QA

Manual and DevOps automation of your CI/CD pipelines. 

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Flexible cooperation models

Our IT outsourcing models are flexible because your needs are. Opt for stripped-back nearshore recruitment and payroll, full end-to-end delivery management or a hybrid model. Choose between fixed price, agile fixed price and time and material payment options. 

Comparison table showing 4 K&C service agreement levels

When does IT outsourcing work?

And when it doesn’t?


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Nearshore nirvana from our home in München!

We love our Munich home at the heart of Europe. It’s a beautiful city and a great place to live and work. But like the rest of Germany and western Europe, IT specialists are in short supply and expensive. Which is why we host our tech talent centres in some of the other beautiful European cities right on our doorstep. So we can meet for a coffee together in Munich or elsewhere in central Europe. And provide great value nearshore software development specialists on your time zone and within a few hours travel from your office, when on-site collaboration is preferred. IT outsourcing services that deliver!

I'm sure you still have questions - let's find out if we're your perfect partner!

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A few of the partners we’re proud to be trusted by:

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IT outsourcing is a B2B service that involves one party providing another with IT teams, team extensions or specialists to fulfil a technology staffing need.

As a professional service, IT outsourcing can be packaged in a variety of different ways. But the underlying model is that specialists directly employed by the provider take on IT functions required by the client organisation.

IT outsourcing can be used as either an alternative or complement to a directly employed in-house IT team.

In the context of outsourcing, the term “nearshore” refers to international labour markets that have relative geographic proximity to the client organisation. 

For example, Eastern Europe is generally considered a nearshore labour market in relation to Western Europe. Mexico is a nearshore market from the perspective of the USA. 

The term nearshore denotes outsourcing markets as closer than offshore alternatives.

Among the advantages that make IT outsourcing a popular service are:

  • Cost efficient – it can be cheaper to use IT outsourcing services than to directly employ IT specialists in-house in high salary economies, especially if remote teams are based in nearshore and offshore locations. 
  • IT outsourcing also allows companies and organisations to only pay for expensive IT specialists when they are needed. Direct employees are an overhead even when not working on strategically important projects.
  • IT outsourcing companies are specialists in the recruitment and management of IT teams and experts. It can save organisations that don’t have that in-house expertise a lot of time and money to outsource the recruitment, payroll and management of IT functions.

Despite the advantages IT outsourcing can offer, there are also many scenarios which could mean your needs would be better met by directly employing needed IT specialists. These include:

  • Sensitive Data: If your IT projects involve sensitive data (e.g., financial institutions, healthcare organisations), you might prefer to keep IT in-house to have better control over data security and privacy. Regulatory requirements might also dictate this. 

  • Complex, Specific, or Unique Technology Needs: If your technology needs are very specific, complex or unique, it may be beneficial to have dedicated in-house employees who understand your systems inside and out.

  • Innovation and Competitive Advantage: If IT is a key strategic and IP (intellectual property) asset for your company (like tech companies), keeping IT in-house can help maintain a competitive advantage.

It’s a very broad question involving many potential variables but organisations use IT outsourcing services because it is directly or indirectly more cost efficient than directly employing for the same functions.

The direct cost paid to an outsourcing partner to provide nearshore and offshore IT specialists can often be lower than employing domestically for the equivalent skills.

Indirect cost efficiencies include avoiding recruitment agency fees or the expense of in-house recruitment, the need to set up and manage international payroll, and the flexibility to scale IT resources up and down with project cycles.