When does IT outsourcing work?

And when doesn’t it?

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IT outsourcing works if we can answer
“what’s in it for We?”

Any relationship, private or professional, is healthy, sustainable and productive when both parties benefit. IT outsourcing is no exception.

How do we know if we can build an IT outsourcing relationship that will be great for your projects, your organisation and K&C and our specialists? Let’s try to find out.

Are we your perfect partners for the long haul? Or the project you need to drive home successfully now?

Word of mouth


"We spent a long time looking for a reliable development team who could bring our bold ideas to life. When Informa and KNect365 first started to work with K&C, there was a lot to do. However, after a couple of months, the results were excellent. The K&C team has met our expectations with their professional integrity, technical competence, drive, and readiness to realise challenging tasks. There is no hesitation from us in continuing our cooperation."

~ Gareth Webber, Chief Technology Officer, KNect365


"As our outsourced local systems integrator, K&C supported us in the complex integration of products involving multiple contractors. K&C professionalism and technical expertise ensured we overcame the challenge. K&C has demonstrated high flexibility in daily project management and contracting process that enabled agile adoption of new requirements and made it possible for us to meet some strict deadlines that emerged due to recently changed legislation. Also, the project had a fixed price basis for peace-of-mind budget planning."

~ Irene Hippner, Product Manager, Sparkassen Informatik


"K&C has been a reliable partner for several of our projects. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with established and highly skilled professionals that have a clear understanding of our specific business needs and requirements. I am happy to report that we managed to meet our internal deadlines, and at reasonable rates."

~ Holger Böttcher, Head of Product, Bosch Group Mobility Media

Are your digital projects stalling?

Digital project cycles need different IT specialists at different times. Different technologies are the best fit. Or more or fewer people are needed to work on creation and maintenance, as a digital project or product evolves.

You know as well as we do, that’s the nature of the beast.

But it does make it difficult to maintain an in-house IT team that’s always the right size and tech stack for project cycles.

And we’re all familiar with the difficulty of finding the right specialists.

K&C – IT outsourcing that delivers!

Our tech stack, size and experience, references, the quality of our consultants and development teams, delivery management, our nearshore business model, and price point are all factors that will help decide if K&C is the right IT outsourcing partner for you.

These qualities in an IT outsourcing partner are all important to compatibility.

But our experience shows us none of that matters if we don’t start and continue our relationship with a firm commitment to answering the question “what’s in it for we?” 

We need to start to build a relationship of trust from the very beginning. That involves complete transparency from the get-go. On both sides. You tell us what you need, prefer, and your limitations. Do your due diligence with our references. And we promise we’ll be 100% upfront with our business model and how we work, from recruitment to billing.

If we then both feel we are a good match, and continue to communicate with the same trust and transparency, we’ll have IT outsourcing that works. And that’s when things get accomplished and real progress made!

Our IT Services

DevOps, Cloud Native & Future-Proofed Tech Stack

Web, App & Software Development

Your next digital project delivered on time, to budget, and worry free.

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Cloud Development & Consulting

Cloud-native and agnostic development. A-Z projects, and team extensions supporting in-house resource.

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DevOps Consulting & Services

Release better, faster. DevOps teams and consultants supporting your digital evolution.

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Software Testing & QA

Digital products whose quality represents your brand's 100% of the time.

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K&C Case Studies

Angular Development Team Extension For Online Learning Start-Up

StudySmarter is a Munich-based start-up with the ambition to be Europe's #1 digital learning platform. Our contribution towards supporting that goal is making sure StudySmarter's Angular development team scales smoothly as it agilely builds the great tech its platform runs on.

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Online Learning Platform

Playtech Dedicated Liferay Team

Playtech, the market-leading online gaming software supplier, offers cutting-edge solutions for the industry's leading operators. Retaining its position as industry top-dog means Playtech has to keep its customers happy with the best technology on the market. That involves building and maintaining international teams of nearshored developers with expertise across a range of modern tech stacks. This is how K&C helped them quickly establish and ramp-up a team of 120 Liferay developers.

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Scaling up a Liferay team

Monolith to Microservices Migration Of Enterprise CMS

The core enterprise CMS of Informa, the world's biggest events company, was built on a monolithic architecture, using increasingly obsolete technologies. With the goal of future-proofing Informa's core tech, making it easier for the company to hire web developers to work on it and optimising running costs, a K&C team has been working on migrating the legacy CMS to React & Node.js.

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monolith to microservices case study

IT Services – The K&C Way

Like most things, when it comes to what separates IT outsourcing services that deliver and those that don’t, the devil is in the detail – and that detail is a combination of technical know-how as a baseline, cultural compatibility between our organisations, communication and processes. Informed by 20+ years experience.


You have a business case. We have a business case. Our partnership will be effective and sustainable when we're both transparent about finding the win-win that recognises that and extends to all the little and larger details along the way.


You'll never be left wondering. It's not difficult, nor complicated. But just taking 2 minutes to update each other, even simply to say 'we're on track', is as important as anything in a successful professional partnership. So we always do.


Our role is to provide you with the flexible IT resource your project cycles need. And that's what we'll do. Scale-up, scale down, adjust the tech stack, full delivery management or you in control. Every project is different, and so is its needs.

Nearshore nirvana, from home in München!

We love our Munich home at the heart of Europe. It’s a beautiful city and a great place to live and work. But like the rest of Germany and western Europe, IT specialists are in short supply and expensive. Which is why we host our tech talent centres in some of the other beautiful European cities right on our doorstep. So we can meet for a coffee together in Munich or elsewhere in central Europe. And provide great value specialists on your time zone and within a few hours travel from your office, when on-site collaboration is preferred.

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