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Software Development For Big Data Systems

By 2025, it is forecast that 463 exabytes of data will produced globally That data, or the patterns AI finds in it, is revolutionising the world by powering technological advancements and new efficiencies.

How succesfully the opportunity of Big Data and AI is leveraged will prove a decisive competitive factor in almost every industry and niche.

We provide the cloud computing and DevOps experts you need to develop the architecture and software that will make sure Big Data & AI is your competitive advantage, not your weakness.

Big Data and AI Development
'The K&C Way'

Cloud Technologies - DevOps - Experience - Quality - Value


German HQ, management, communication and delivery management standards.


Nearshored tech talent combine with 'Made-in-Germany' quality standards for a winning cost to quality ratio.


The Big Data & AI software development and consulting experts you need, when and how you need them.
Flexible team augmentation or dedicated teams.


Our cloud and DevOps software developers and consultants have experience across multiple Big Data & AI systems projects. Practise makes perfect!

Tell Us About Your Big Data Needs!

We'd love to hear about your next Big Data & AI software development project and how our flexible, experienced teams and consultants might be able to help you realise them to the highest standards possible.

Big Data/AI Services - Your Way

Team Augmentation

Parachute in the Big Data and AI expertise or experience your inhouse team needs the support of to realise your project on time, in budget and on point!

Dedicated Teams

Tailor-made teams ready to develop the software and infrastructure your Big Data/AI project needs, end-to-end. You focus on your business while we build the tech that will take it to the next level!

Budget Control

Agile, controlled agile or fixed price models. Every project and organisation has its own, unique budget requirements and priorities. Choose the model that best fits yours.

VAIX – Hybrid Cloud For A Fault Tolerant Infrastructure
AWS & Co. are not always the best option. Our client required a custom solution so we built them a hybrid cloud infrastructure for the best of both worlds.
Private Cloud Infrastructure Case Study
Sometimes infrastructure is so critical that a 3rd party provider is a risk to far. Why our customer needed an inhouse Cloud solution and how we built it.

Big Data/AI Development

Custom Big Data software systems built for high accessibility and fault tolerance. Set the standard!

Big Data Architecture

The software systems you need to leverage the competitive advantage of Big Data & AI need to run on effective, reliable & cost efficient infrastructure. The right software on the right cloud.

Big Data/AI Consulting

Identify the key data points for your business, build strategic roadmaps, and put data and AI to work for your organisation with our help.

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