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Big Data & AI Consulting & Development

K&C are Munich, Germany-based big data & AI development and consultancy experts you can trust. A web development and IT Outsourcing and Digital Transformation agency with 20 years of experience and counting, our big data & AI architecture and developments consultants and engineers have a wealth of DevOps and technical expertise. Just as crucially, are our technical and delivery processes and business insights. The German engineering your big data/AI project deserves.

Big Data/AI Development

Custom built for your organisation’s key objectives

Big Data Architecture

We build the infrastructure you need for smooth, efficient data processing

Big Data/AI Consulting

We can help you identify the key data points for your business, build strategic roadmaps, and put data and AI to work for your organisation.

Is Big Data Development Key To
Your Future Competitiveness

In many sectors, effectively leveraging your data to make better business decisions is now a must if you want to survive and prosper. In others, being ahead of the pack in your application of big data and AI technologies will give you a key competitive advantage.

We support you in employing the latest technologies, enabling you to become a data-driven organization.

Let's Discuss Your Big Data Needs!

Our Big Data and AI developers & consultants are Ready to cast their expert eyes over your next project

Our People - Your Results!

Remote or on-site, our consultants, big data architects and engineers are available to you as specialist experts, team extensions or dedicated teams. Get in touch today and tell us about your Big Data / AI project!

Big Data/AI Technologies

Big Databases on the AWS Cloud

    AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, AWS ML etc.

Advanced Big Data Processing

    SpringDataFlow, Flatfile AWS S3, AWS Redshift, Apache Spark Mlib, NoSQL AWS DynamoDB etc.

Big Databases on a Private Cloud

    Spring Boots, Spring Cloud DataFlow, Mongo DB, MS PowerBi etc.
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