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A case study on Cloud needs analysis and the set-up of a Hybrid Cloud

A Cloud Infrastructure IT Outsourcing
Case Study

Custom infrastructure that offers a competitive advantage or meets specialised needs can require an innovative solution. Cloud services are not a one-size fits all. After our consultant understood the special requirements of our partner VAIX, we proposed a Hybrid Cloud solution.
Our Customer is an AI start-up creating deeply integrated and powerful AI solutions for B2C businesses, with the vision of transforming e-commerce through personalization. VAIX offers highly customized recommender and classification products that help consumer brands to personalize every communication and offering to a customer.
Project Overview
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Cost efficient
  • High security standards
  • Fault-tolerant

The Challenge

Our mission was to build a solution able to scale with the needs of VAIX. It had to be cost-efficient without compromising security and fault-tolerance. 24/7 ‘up time’ was mandatory which meant it had to be maintained during any technical changes in the system, the data collecting process or a program crash.

Our Solution

We managed to build a high-availability infrastructure using operating principles rigorously tested and implemented over two years by our R&D team. By applying these principles to VAIX’s need we were able to significantly reduce our client’s time-to-market and enhance product reliability while keeping costs low.
Technology stack

Word of mouth

“To create deeply integrated and powerful AI solutions which transform our customers’ businesses, we require a reliable and fault tolerant infrastructure. With our partners at K&C, we have achieved this challenging goal for our high-load services. We rely on K&C to leverage the benefits of Docker, Rancher, AWS Route53 and S3, ELK, Ceph, Traefik, and other advanced tools to design cost-effective solutions for our tasks.”

The Result

VAIX achieved a stable service with minimum downtime and efficient cost structure while having an infrastructure which scales with their business.

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