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A Platform as a Service (PaaS) Case Study

Whitelabel PaaS - Critical Infrastructure You Control

For enterprises large enough, or for whom the priority is critical enough, the development of an inhouse PaaS can make sense. It's a strategic move towards full control and no reliance on third-party vendors. This is exactly what our customer was asking us to implement. And we were more than happy to help! This IT Outsourcing Case Study details how.
A major supplier to the automotive industry. We are not permitted to give the name as a result of our NDA but are permitted to offer the description that the client in question is a startup model backed by a transnational corporation - a major manufacturer of auto electronics and spare parts in the EU.
Project Overview
  • PaaS platform for automotive industry
  • Whitelabel architecture
  • Seamless integration with tenant portals

The Challenge

To develop a technical solution that ensured multi-tenancy and supported a retail inventory by parts, without any brand connection. We had to provide for both multi tenancy and seamless integration with potential tenants' portals and the client's other pre-existing sites. We would have to migrate the current monolith site to the new architecture.

Our Solution

Despite starting with a clear vision, the development of such a large platform needs to be done along agile principles. The K&C Dedicated Team worked closely with the customer to create, implement and evolve the PaaS enterprise portal.

First we listened

Any project starts with a clear, shared vision which becomes the basis for implementation. Our client told us their needs and priorities and we proposed an approach.


We developed seamlessly integrated widgets, so that end users couldn’t see any difference between the site and the WL widgets using npm-modules and Angular.

Architecture based on Microservices

A white label concept was adopted. That allowed for technological solutions to be customized for different companies without any brand connection. We used a microservice architecture to achieve lightness of loads and flexibility.


Tenants’ data never crossed, so different users had no access to any data other than their own.

Quality Assurance

Systematic manual testing im combination with automated testing using Selenium / Cucumber ensure high quality.

Technoloy Stack

Frontend: Angular 7, Microservices, Netflix

The Result

Advanced functionality. WL widget kits provided specific functionality to respond unique business needs. Just to name a few, there were widgets for booking services, car identification or cost estimation. Security. Tenants’ data never crossed, so the unique user couldn’t even potentially got access to foreign info. Each tenant could stop using the WL infrastructure and be sure he would get his personal data out of the system. Flexibility. Light and adoptable mechanism was smoothly integrated into any user’s website and customized according to the user preferences.
up to K&C Software Experts
the year cooperation commenced
end users supported by the platform

Iaas, Saas, PaaS or simply XaaS ?

We implement it.

Word of mouth

It was a great experience in creating such a large platform wih ambitious goals in a close partnership with our customer. Seing to become live and getting customers on board is another.
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