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A few of the partners we’re proud to be trusted by:

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K&C has been a reliable partner for several of our projects. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with established and highly skilled professionals that have a clear understanding of our specific business needs and requirements.

Holger Böttcher
Head of Workshop Cloud Services at Robert Bosch

Krusche & Company have always delivered on time. Their customer-centered approach and adaptability contribute to a successful partnership, with collaboration occurring virtually.

Christian Müller
Head of Comm & Information Solutions, Finanz Informatik

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We already knew K&C before our need to ramp up our development team and knew that they are reliable and have experience with a variety of impressive and satisfied customers of different company sizes from enterprises to start-ups like us. So we were confident we'd be a good fit and the reality matched with K&C support invaluable to our recruiting process as a scaling start-up.

Till Söhlemann
Co-founder, StudySmarter

DevOps teams, development and consulting sevices

DevOps processes and technologies are the antidote to inefficient, slow and costly development. Automating & integrating the processes between your software development and operations teams means they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably – shortening your release cycle.

Whether you need a tailored DevOps team to complete your next project from A to Z or DevOps consulting from app architecture questions to best practises, K&C’s DevOps services are here for you.

Reliability – Communication – Performance – Price – Results

Need a DevOps team to complete your next project end-to-end?

Or a consultant to troubleshoot your Kubernetes clusters and get you back on track? 

K&C - Nearshore DevOps Teams

Based in Munich, Germany with tech talent centres in Kiev, Krakow, Minsk, Sofia and Jerewan, K&C’s comprehensive DevOps services, from Kubernetes Consulting to out-of-the-box DevOps teams able to build your next native-cloud application from scratch, are here to support you in delivering your applications with the pace and quality you need.

Competitive nearshore pricing from a local, accessible partner with a track record spanning over 20 years gives you the best of both worlds.

Devops the K&C way


We love to surprise with how quickly we can set up a Kubernetes-based Cloud DevOps infrastructure.                


With our clear process and communication from requirements to implementation to validation. Field-proven.


German HQ and management combine with nearshored tech expertise for a winning price/quality ratio.

DevOps on Demand

DevOps Consulting

Leverage the full DevOps effect of better software, faster with specialist, experienced support and expertise. DevOps culture, processes and technologies consulting.

DevOps Specialists

Don’t let gaps in your inhouse DevOps team compromise your software delivery cycle. Our team extensions mean you have the experts you need, when you need them.

Read our Profile of a DevOps engineer!

DevOps Teams

Project-based DevOps teams. DevOps projects can be dynamic and the resources you need to execute them change as well. Our DevOps teams are made to order. Your next project end-to-end, without the headache

Our DevOps Services

From Strategy to Implementation, Maintenance & Security


How can the latest DevOps processes and technologies be applied to the benefit of your organisation? We help you understand how to best leverage continuous delivery for better software faster.


K&C can set-up and run the automation tools that supporting Continuous Delivery and DevOps. DevOps automation reduces your dev resource needs and costs.

Maintenance & Security

We continuously monitor running applications and optimize systems, building automated security testing into every step of the way. DevOps becomes DevSecOps.

The DevOps Effect

What to expect from a DevOps approach

Shorter Development Cycle + Faster Innovation

Iterative development cycles bring applications to market up to 60% faster than with traditional approaches.

Reduced Deployment Failures, Rollbacks, and Time to Recover

Shorter development cycles, more frequent code releases and Dev and Op teams working together makes it easier to spot code defects, manage rollbacks and speed up recovery times.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Combined teams with a culture focused on performance not individual goals are happier and more productive. Trust and common goals foster experimentation and innovation.

Increased Efficiency

DevOps software engineers can focus on completing tasks that can’t be automated.

One environment for development, testing, and deployment eliminates the need to transfer data between environments.

The DevOps Tech Stack


Source code management. Loved by remote teams, and by us!

Jenkins/GitLab CI/Liquibase

Automate your CI/CD delivery pipeline


Automated monitoring guarantees the state of your Kubernetes cluster matches the configuration you've supplied in Git.


Cross-platform configuration management platform, automates infrastructure management.


Container platform revolutionized cloud infrastructure by isolating apps from OS.


Fairwinds' Polaris

Keeps your clusters running smoothly by ensuring Kubernetes pods and controllers are configured to best practise standards.

Hashicorp Consul & Vault/Kube-hunter/Kube-bench

Security within your container platform.


Monitor your infrastructure to forecast outages and errors and detect security threats.

Check out our blog post on Prometheus Operator

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A few of the partners we’re proud to be trusted by: