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DevOps technologies and processes mean you can deliver new features without compromising quality, frequency or security. In fact, you'll improve all three. Step up your Digital Transformation today!

K&C Employs A DevOps approach across all of our IT Outsourcing services including Web Development, Cloud Consulting, QA Consulting & Software Testing and Big Data and AI Consulting and Development Services. Your expert team is ready when you are!

Why Your DevOps Transformation Matters

Improved processes, lower costs, faster time to market, and better software for end users. Those benefits can only be achieved by leveraging best-of-breed DevOps practices and using software that facilitates the continuous delivery of releases—while giving instant, transparent visibility and control to all involved.

For dev teams, the move to DevOps will help them reduce the risks of software failure by doing smaller releases frequently.By reducing the size and complexity of releases, an organization can massively reduce the risk of unexpected interactions, failures, and associated headaches.

DevOps-as-a-Service by K&C


We discuss your requirements, run through best practise recommendations for implementation and plan the next steps.


We implement proof of concept, your DevSecOps infrastructure and validate it according to the requirements.

Maintainance & Security

We continuously monitor running applications and optimize systems, building automated security testing into every step of the way.

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The DevOps Technology Stack


Source code management. Loved by remote teams, and by us

Gradle / Maven

Build your application, from mobile app to microservices


DevOps Automation for CI/CD to automate your delivery pipeline

Terraform / Ansible

Cross-platform configuration management platform, automates infrastructure management


Container platform revolutionized cloud infrastructure by isolating apps from OS

Kubernetes and Rancher

Container orchestration to manage all your containers in a multi-cluster infrastructure for High-Avaibility, highlly scalable

Hashicorp Consult / Vault

Security within your container platform


Monitor your infrastructure to forecast outages and errors and detect security threats

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DevOps The K&C Way


We love to surprise with how quickly we can set up a Kubernetes-based Cloud DevOps infrastructure.


With our clear process and communication from requirements to implementation to validation. Field-proven.


A winning price/quality ratio.

A few of our favourite DevOps projects


Managing the Internet of Things (IoT) for the leading company for pv monitoring, smart energy and feed-in management


Optimising use of Kubernetes for a large gambling company

CI/CD Pipeline

Creation of a CI/CD pipeline for a large publishing house

DevOps in the Cloud

Setting up
DevOps & Cloud infrastructure for a multinational event company

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