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How we ramped up Playtech's nearshore Liferay R&D centre.

Your own nearshore center

Establishing your own nearshore talent center requires a starting point. We've built ours and with that experience helped our partner Playech, the online gaming software giant, with theirs. This is an IT Outsourcing Case Study on exactly how we did that.
The Customer
Playtech, the market leading online gaming software supplier, offers cutting-edge solutions for the industry's leading operators.
As the world's largest gambling software supplier, the company provides cutting-edge, value added solutions to the industry's leading operators.
That means maintaining several international teams of developers that represent expertise across a wide range of  contemporary tech stacks.
In a tight market, finding the individuals with the right tech skills isn't always easy. So Playtech got in touch with K&C.
Project Overview
  • Tasked with building a Liferay R&D centre
  • Create a new Whitelabel Architecture
  • Transfer of knowledge and core team to customer
  • Continued support

Playtech's Problem

Playtech needed to build a significant team of experts in Liferay Solutions - the enterprise open source software. This R&D team would, our partner hoped, eventually exceed 100 people and be able to support the needs of several of their own big clients.

Like most tech stacks in today's market, high level Liferay experts are thin on the ground so putting together a team of 100+ was a huge challenge. The difficulty is multiplied by the fact that it is not only a case of managing to hire so many Liferay experts - hard enough. They also had to be moulded into an effective team, able to handle multiple projects in a coordinated and efficient way.
Ramping up large teams

From Zero to Hero - K&C's Solution

Thanks to our expertise in building collaboration portals and providing web development outsourcing services, K&C were able to assist Playtech in building and developing the R&D center for Liferay Solutions.

K&C helped to build Liferay proficiency in the Client’s new core team by delivering  training where necessary and providing ongoing support. At the moment there are more than 100 engineers working in Playtech's Liferay team.

Additionally, K&C ramped up 2 dedicated teams of more than 20 experienced developers from zero within just several months. Both teams worked onsite from K&C nearshore R&D center, driving development projects for 2 major Licensees of our Client.

The Result

Playtech now has a large, efficiently functioning Liferay R&D Centre with over 100 top experts. They are able to meet their own partners' needs and maintain their position as the world's number one company in the online gaming software market. K&C still occassionally helps with Liferay training and providing dedicated or team extensions if extra capacity is required but we've long since transferred the original team over to Playtech, who now directly employ them.

Profit from a global talent pool.

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