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The quality of your organisation’s digital products is synonymous with the quality of your brand, regardless of whether you are a blue-chip enterprise or a growing startup.

Maintaining and improving that quality means the right experts working on the right products. One of Germany’s most trusted and established software development companies, K&C is here to provide the expertise and flexibility in technology skills your project cycles demand.

Reliability – Flexibility – Communication – Performance – Price – Results

Software development outsourcing
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Our mission – maintain a level of transparent communication from day 1. So good you feel in closer touch and more control than with your inhouse staff.


Comprehensible scheduling and budget planning from the get-go – even with changing requirements.

Cutting-Edge Quality

The beauty of outsourcing software development is that every job is executed by someone qualified and experienced in exactly that job. Don’t compromise.

Word of mouth

Software Development Support - Your Way

Team Augmentation

No more gaps in your in-house teams compromising your software delivery cycles and deadlines. Parachute in a nearshore team extension.

The experts you need, when you need them.

Dedicated Teams

Project-based DevOps teams. DevOps projects can be dynamic and the resources you need to execute them change as well. Our DevOps teams are made to order. Your next project end-to-end, without the headache.

Your Way

Your management and team leads can take full control. Or we can provide full end-to-end delivery management. Your choice.

Fixed price, agile and hybrid business models.

Web and App Development Case Studies

Angular Development Team Extension For Online Learning Start-Up

StudySmarter is a Munich-based start-up with the ambition to be Europe's #1 digital learning platform. Recruiting high quality React developers is the company's biggest bottleneck.

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Online Learning Platform

Monolith to Microservices Migration Of Enterprise CMS

Informa's core enterprise CMS was built on a monolithic architecture, using increasingly obsolete technologies. Migration to React & Node.js required to future-proof the CMS and make it easier to hire web developers to work on it, while cutting running costs.

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Multinational Event Organisation Platform? No Problem!

The world's biggest events company needed an AI and Big Data-Powered CMS. So We built them one.

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Velocity Doesn’t Have To Compromise Quality – Marketplace For Gamers

We had just 3 months to build, from scratch, an online marketplace for digital gaming goods. The deadline was daunting but the quality of the end product non-negotiable. Here's how we managed.

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Cutting Edge Online Media Analytics Development – Remote Full Stack Team Extension

Seamless integration of remote team of engineers with client’s in-house team delivers world class online media and ecommerce analytics platform.

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Remote Team Extension Full Stack

A business model
that works for you

Fixed Price

If you already have a well-developed tech spec for your next project, send it over and we’ll give you a fixed price offer for its realisation within 24 hours!

If you don’t, we can help you finalise the perfect tech spec for the functionalities and outcomes you need then cost development!


If you’ve reached the strategic decision your project needs a fully agile development approach, we’ll support you in that.

And our in-house controlled agile methodology can offer you the best of both worlds by accurately pricing and estimating upcoming sprints.

Fixed Price Agile

Does ‘fixed price agile’ sound like a conflict of logic? It doesn’t have to be!

Our unique fixed price agile
methodology eliminates the risk of white elephant projects while protecting time-to-market requirements and cost parameters. To find out more, drop us a line!

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