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A few of the partners we’re proud to be trusted by:

Fill in the gaps with nearshore IT outsourcing

Customise your software development team(s) to the needs of your project cycles with our stripped-back, staffing-only IT outsourcing model for team extensions.

An efficient nearshore body leasing (recruitment and payroll) solution for when you need to plug in additional development capacity or cover skills gaps to deliver your project on time and to specification. 

You stay fully in the driving seat, with responsibility for onboarding and offboarding, project management and team output. Our role is to provide the additional nearshore development capacity or skills your project needs, without the headache. 

Flexible contract durations allow you to scale your teams up and down with project needs for budget efficiency. Don’t waste your time on unrealistic promises. Benefit from over 20 years of experience in nearshore IT outsourcing & recruitment! 

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K&C has been a reliable partner for several of our projects. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with established and highly skilled professionals that have a clear understanding of our specific business needs and requirements.

Holger Böttcher
Head of Workshop Cloud Services at Robert Bosch

Krusche & Company have always delivered on time. Their customer-centered approach and adaptability contribute to a successful partnership, with collaboration occurring virtually.

Christian Müller
Head of Comm & Information Solutions, Finanz Informatik

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We already knew K&C before our need to ramp up our development team and knew that they are reliable and have experience with a variety of impressive and satisfied customers of different company sizes from enterprises to start-ups like us. So we were confident we'd be a good fit and the reality matched with K&C support invaluable to our recruiting process as a scaling start-up.

Till Söhlemann
Co-founder, StudySmarter

K&C Team Extensions - What's Included?

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K&C Case Studies

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StudySmarter is a Munich-based start-up with the ambition to be Europe's #1 digital learning platform. Recruiting high quality React developers is the company's biggest bottleneck.

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Monolith to Microservices Migration Of Enterprise CMS

Informa's core enterprise CMS was built on a monolithic architecture, using increasingly obsolete technologies. Migration to React & Node.js required to future-proof the CMS and make it easier to hire web developers to work on it, while cutting running costs.

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Multinational Event Organisation Platform? No Problem!

The world's biggest events company needed an AI and Big Data-Powered CMS. So We built them one.

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