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Kubernetes Consulting, Training & Execution
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Deploy, scale and manage in the cloud – at speed. That’s the competitive advantage provided by Kubernetes’ production-grade solution. Scalable, stable infrastructure on public, private and hybrid clouds for Docker containers. The K8s ecosystem supports the set-up of monitoring, logging, automating and application debugging solutions.
Production-ready Applications with Kubernetes
Microservices in Kubernetes
Helm, Hashicorp, Ansible, Jenkins & more..

K&C’s team of experienced DevOps and Kubernetes experts assists organisations in building amazing, cost-efficient and rock-solid applications by leveraging the power of K8s. Kubernetes training, consulting, execution and audit services through a partnership model tailored to your needs

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Managed Kubernetes as a Service|Support & Advisory

Monolithic software development still occasionally has its place but it is fair to say that place is shrinking and the future belongs to container-based development, deployment and management of microservices-based applications. High velocity release cycles are fundamental to any organisation with the ambition to lead.
And that's where Kubernetes is King!

K8s With K&C Munich

Managed Kubernetes operations
End-to-end management of your Kubernetes operations. Monitoring, optimisation, upgrades and more.
Kubernetes consulting & advisory
Our experts will advise you on which Kubernetes and cloud technologies are right for your business.
Cloud and bare-metal server expertise
We can deploy and manage Kubernetes using leading cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and more. Vendor agnostic.
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