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Kubernetes (K8s) Consulting

K&C’s Kubernetes (K8s) consulting service has been helping organisations across Germany and Europe set up, optimise and troubleshoot their container orchestration since 2015. The technology has become so popular so quickly because it’s hugely effective. It’s also tricky to operate once installed. If you could use expert assistance in either setting up, optimising or trouble-shooting your Kubernetes set-up, the K8s consulting service we’ve established over the past few years offers a level of experience not many rival.

Kubernetes offers huge efficiencies in the management of clustered container systems. It isn’t an easy technology to operate but the gains implimenting K8s can offer means organisations see the results as worth the pain. By late 2018, data from a Heptio survey indicated as many as 60% of enterprises surveyed were running Kubernetes. And more than half of those were doing so in production. Since then, Kubernetes use has expanded significantly, despite the fact the orchestration technology is tricky to operate and there is a severe a lack of experts available on the market. The big players are doubling down on K8s.

The pre-Kubernetes weaknesses of multi-nodal configurations have been resolved through the standardisation of clustered ‘infrastructure-on-demand’. Our consultants’ job is to help ensure you make the most these benefits.

Kubernetes expertise has been one of our core focuses at K&C over the past few years, and we have built up a fearesome team of K8s consultants.

If your organisation is in need of a dedicated team with Kubernetes expertise to take on a whole project, or simply a consulting service or team extention to help you overcome a particularly difficulty, we’re here for you.

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K&C’s Kubernetes (K8s) Consulting Service

Each and every one of our partners has their own particular needs around Kubernetes and the service we offer is tailored to those. However, among the most commonly encountered consultancy needs we encounter are one or a combination of the following:

Kubernetes Cluster Audit

There are many moving parts to a Kubernetes cluster and optimising each of them independently and in their relationship to each other is key. If you are already using K8s, K&C’s consultants can audit your cluster for security and configurations, pod scalability and other best practises that determine production readiness.

K8s Infrastructure Design Consulting

If we’re starting from scratch, K&C’s Kubernetes experts build your microservices cluster infrastructure from the ground up. Our years of experience in building and then maintaining cluster design patterns mean we have insight into the optimal configuration and orchestrations across many different K8s needs and set-ups.

A typical cluster infrastructure design includes:

  • Configuration set-up
  • Choice and integration of shared services components
  • Ongoing delivery and integration
  • Secrets management
  • Monitoring, logging and telemetry

Kubernetes Infrastructure Implementation

K&C’s Kubernetes engineers can follow-on from the consulting phase to set up your infrastructure. If still an open question, we can also consult on the best choice of Cloud vendor, or if a private Cloud resource (or even hybrid) is the best way to go. We are vendor independent but have experience across all of the main vendors, including AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

kubernetes consulting

Kubernetes Infrastructure as Code

Standardising the functioning of your clusters is the optimal way to streamline your DevOps resources and subsequent maintenance of containers. Our consultants can help you set up your infrastructure for deployment automation. This will allow for cluster scaling without the inefficiency of duplicating code and utilising just one set of repositories.

Ongoing Managed K8s Support

Our Kubernetes engineers and consultants can provide ongoing managed support for your in-production clusters and infrastructure.

K&C’s Kubernetes Consulting Experience & Case Studies

We can work alongside your own developers to assist them in their Kubernetes deploys, help migrate legacy applications from VMs and other orchestration systems for Kubernetes scalability or assist in the continuous integration and deployment of cloud-native apps into K8s.  Check out some of our Kubernetes case studies and technical step-by-steps.

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