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Find the right IT jobs boards to find suitable, quality jobs. Here are the best job boards for IT professionals interested in Germany.

IT Consulting/Digital TransformationUPDATED ON June 5, 2024

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IT experts are currently in an enviable position when it comes to planning their careers. Due to digitalisation, the demand for professionals in the sector is extremely high. However, it is not always easy to find job offers that are both interesting and lucrative and to apply for them successfully. Knowing which the best, most trustworthy jobs boards for IT experts can make all the difference here. This article explains what distinguishes such jobs boards and recommends some of the best.

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High demand for IT experts

Experienced, competent IT specialists, especially software developers and DevOps engineers are in incredibly high demand. It’s a seller’s market with demand outstripping supply in every single country globally. As such, professionals with a solid CV and demonstrable skills can, to a large extent, dictate where they want to work from large, established companies to exciting start-ups and every kind of organisation in between.

The requirements for IT experts differ depending on the organisation and particular moment in time. Some want to expand their IT department and professionalise it with additional expertise. Others are looking for leaders with communication talent who want to communicate the digital transformation within the company and make it tangible for the workforce. Others only occasionally need external support in dealing with digital problems or in training and further education.

Finding the right jobs

The high demand for IT specialists means that any strong professional in the sector will have a good choice of job opportunities. But to make the most of that positive environment, you still need to know where to look for open positions.

If you are considering a change or just want to keep an eye on the market in case a particularly attractive opportunity comes up, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on a few high quality IT jobs boards. Here are some of the best European IT jobs boards.

Overview of popular IT jobs boards on the German market

There are a number of IT jobs boards that enjoy great popularity:

It’s a general jobs board and not IT sector-specific, but Stepstone is extremely popular with IT professionals. Companies sometimes have to pay quite high monthly prices to post openings on Stepstone, which raises the overall quality of postings. &

Monster, Indeed and StepStone are some of the biggest general jobs portals on the German market and are all a good source of IT openings. Any kind of position can be found on these jobs boards but they are especially suitable for career starters as well as junior or mid-level IT employees as more general IT roles tend to be advertised. However, this does not mean that more experienced IT specialists will not find suitable openings. On the contrary, any IT job can be found, making these platforms a good starting point for most job seekers or among those tracked via filtered alerts. However, a downside to these jobs boards being generalist is that filter options for IT-sector specialisations and technologies are not as granular as they are on sector-specific alternatives.

LinkedIn/Xing Jobs

LinkedIn and Xing are the social media portals for ‘professionals’. While Xing is recommended almost exclusively for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, LinkedIn can be used internationally but also in the countries mentioned above. These portals offer sub-pages where companies can present their vacancies. Active companies can post vacancies there very conveniently, companies can even post simplified applications where only a few basic questions and a CV are required, streamlining the application process.

One advantage to the jobs boards on both platforms is that you can get a first impression of companies relatively quickly, as most companies actively present themselves and manage profiles on multiple social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. It is also very easy to find former or active employees of these companies and, if necessary, to obtain initial information about the organisation and what it’s like to work for.

Yourfirm relies on a business model that is specifically aimed at mid-sized companies. So if you are not interested in either the corporate ladder or especially keen on a start-up role, you know you aren’t going to get those jobs postings on this board.

The jobs portal is characterised by a wide range of job offers that are particularly suitable for specialists and managers. The board covers the German-speaking D-A-CH region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

local jobs boards and and local jobs boards are usually also very broadly positioned jobs portals that are primarily aimed at job seekers who want to look for opportunities in a specific region or city. For example, has a relatively large number of administrative IT jobs, as local companies often target regional workers for such jobs.

Attractive, career-enhancing software development jobs may be more difficult to find in regional, more rural areas. Most German regions have such a job portal. For example, for the Black Forest region it is, for Franconia, for South Westphalia or the Erzgebirge region, whose owners also run sites including, focuses specifically on the IT sector. Users can be sure that they are searching in the right jobs pool and can also filter within the IT sector by job, qualification or degree. As the name might suggest, the portal is also suitable for career starters or career changers, with large or technical companies offering a wide variety of roles.

The jobs portal, which is well established, publishes IT roles from organisations of all sizes. It also tries to stand out from other jobs portals with the latest IT news, which keeps the general attention the portal receives high. The portal is also interesting for experienced IT specialists and is a good way to find tech sector jobs throughout Germany.

The portal is a very popular IT jobs board that stands out due to its very intelligent filter functions. The right questions are asked and the job functions are categorised very accurately. First of all, there are three categories: Operations, Development and Business. In addition, you can further narrow down and filter whether embedded/hardware, DevOps/system administration, support, testing, development, etc. roles are desired. You can also filter by location, remote/non-remote, tech stack, experience and area. For many, is considered the best IT jobs portal for the above reasons.

When does IT Outsourcing work?

(And when doesn’t it?)

UA-Talents is a brand new jobs board set up by two tech entrepreneurs from Berlin. While this jobs board is not specifically aimed at German companies or employees and is Europe-wide, it is worth mentioning for other reasons. It is a jobs portal aimed at displaced Ukrainian professionals or Ukrainians from Ukraine still able to work remotely. The portal offers either remote jobs or jobs in the EU, with a focus on IT-sector roles.

The platform may be less interesting for non-Ukrainian jobseekers, but it can be used to find companies whose culture may appeak to you, even if you don’t fall into the target audience. Many Ukrainian IT workers who were employed by local companies or organisations unable to maintain operations, who have either left the country or are still there, are now on the market for new roles. With many companies in Germany and the EU desperately looking for strong IT professionals, this specialist jobs board could be an interesting opportunity for recruiters to fill positions and at the same time offer many Ukrainians a quick route into the right new job.

It’s not a jobs board so the number of available positions is limited to those we have internally but you should also keep an eye on openings at Krusche & Company via our jobs page. We work with a wide range of companies from some of Europe’s biggest brands to exciting start-ups, and offer remote and office-based options, so regularly have developer and IT specialist roles that are a fit for different career and personal priorities.

The more you look the better the chances of you finding your dream IT role

It can be potentially counterproductive to try to monitor too many jobs boards by physically visiting them regularly. But you can set up filters and notifications to automate much of the process and just pick out opportunities that catch your interest when they pop up.

If you set notification filters well, you can spread your net widely without getting lost in too much ‘noise’ from a flood of jobs posts that don’t fit your criteria. Keep in mind you’ll probably have to adjust and optimise filter settings over the first few weeks of your jobs board search process to find the right balance.

And if you know clearly what you are looking for, you don’t need to rely on just jobs boards. Take some initiative and contact companies that particularly interest you directly. A good way to do that can be to connect with relevant people at those organisations via LinkedIn and Xing and after a brief introduction and polite check if it’s ok, pitch them your CV and a motivation letter.

Don’t expect that to come off every time but it really can be a shortcut to your dream role and only needs to work once, right? And you might be surprised how receptive hiring managers are to candidates that show a little initiative. And if you can’t easily connect with the right person in a company, try to connect with someone else and then ask for a referral.

And, remember, if you’re a strong IT specialist, you are in demand so don’t compromise on your next role. Make sure it’s one that will motivate you and further your career!

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