Remote Team Extension with Full Stack Engineers for German IT Service Provider - Valiton

Introduction/The Client

Augmenting an existing in-house IT team with a team extension of nearshored software developers to ensure a stable workforce can be a challenge. How to manage standard on-site procedures like daily stand-up meetings when one or several developers are 1000km away? How to ensure the remote team understand the wishes and needs of the business when it is not possible to talk face to face on a daily basis?

As the lack of experienced resources becomes a constraint for business it is important organisations understand how to set up remote teams efficiently. With 20+ years of IT outsourcing experience, K&C gained experience of the pitfalls around remote efficiency and coordination and how to overcome them long before they were forced on most companies in 2020.

We have implemented German management standards and Agile processes across all K&C activities. And we make sure that every project starts with well-planned and effective onboarding. As a result, the integration of K&C developers into in-house teams works seamlessly.

Our client here is Valiton – a German IT service provider to a large media holding based in Offenburg and Munich. K&C’s team augmentation worked on Valiton’s harbourmaster white label digital media platform. The goal of the project is to analyze user behaviour on the media portals run by Harbourmaster tenants, allowing them to better target users with relevant and personalised offers.

Team size: 2 Business Owners, 8 engineers.

Project duration: Ongoing project for the last 1.5 years

Project overview


The Challenge

We were tasked with building a stable full stack team extension to be integrated into the client’s existing in-house team. A particular challenge was to find highly flexible engineers able to work on both the backend and frontend of the product.

The team members also had to be adaptable to changing conditions.
Most of the client’s In-house developers were tied up in long-term projects, whereas the management needed to focus on driving new projects forward.

Why Valiton Trusted K&C

On the hunt for a smart solution to their strategic challenge, Valiton's team decided to collaborate with us for the following reasons


Over 20 years experience providing remote team extensions and augmentation.

Significant enterprise-level background and references.


Large team of top-level specialists that could be drafted in and out according to the project cycle’s needs


Skilled developers capable of solving complex issues with minimal supervision


Ability to provide full-stack developers able to move between programming languages and FE/BE work

Legacy to Cloud

Skills and experience with both legacy systems and cloud services (AWS)

Our Solution





We ensured a high degree of intellectual flexibility in our specialists as they needed to adjust to rapidly changing environments quickly.


The complexity and interdependencies of the legacy systems meant it would take time for the new team members to fully understand the particularities of the project. That was mitigated as much as possible by providing the right people with comprehensive knowledge both the legacy systems involved and cloud services and technologies.

Ongoing Training

We onboarded the team extension quickly while providing ongoing training for the AWS services used to the inhouse team and its remote augmentation. This kept the specialists up-to-date with the latest services and technologies (especially AWS).

The Result

After integrating our developers into the existing client’s team seamlessly through an onboarding process that fully introduced the new members to the choice of technologies and architecture, Valiton had a stable workforce and no longer needs to move in-house devs between projects. As in many of our projects, the lines between outsourced and in-house team members became blurred with K&C and Valiton Engineers collaborating on an equal footing.

No further suboptimal reallocation of in-house resources was necessary and the client’s senior staff could focus on new projects.

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