4 Time-Saving Ways to Test Your Cross Platform Mobile App

4 Time-Saving Ways to Test Your Cross Platform Mobile App

If you have just finished your brand new cross-platform mobile application, do not rush to submit it online. Now, it is just the perfect time to test how it works across a large range of devices, form-factors, and screen sizes.

At Krusche & Company, our QA and software testing experts create and test cross-platform applications using PhoneGap/Cordova/Ionic or React Native technologies. Our development team shared a few tips that help us deliver nearly perfect mobile applications to delight our clients.

If you develop cross-platform apps and are looking for tools that will help you to build solutions of a better quality, you will find nice examples in this blog post.

1. Crowdsource Your Mobile App Testing

We are not talking about crowdfunding or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk here.

You’ve probably already heard about TestFlight – a great tool for iOS app testers currently owned by Apple. Crashlytics is a similar app for cross-platform testing that allows you to invite external testers via their email addresses. Once testers are invited, they receive an email containing a link to accept, and download the app before it is published. This way, users will report bugs (including reproduction steps, annotated screenshots, and screen recordings) before the app goes live.

Do not underestimate this mobile-first and customer-focused method that can dramatically increase engagement rates and significantly improve your bug and feedback reports. Obviously, you have friends, colleagues, or a network of people who will not mind contributing to your app’s success, so why not rely on them and ask for help.

Need something simpler and free? The second pick with an almost similar, but reduced list of features is HockeyApp.

2. Add Robots to Your App Testing Army

Well, maybe not actual robots, but rather algorithms. While there may be a myriad of ways to interact with your app, algorithms can predict and model quite a lot of user behavior patterns, and help spot the problem areas early on.


There are quite a few tools available in this automated app testing software domain, offering a cost-effective solution and increasing testing efficiency, boosting effectiveness, and ultimately offering a path toward a faster time to market.


If you are a tech-savvy individual involved in app development and familiar with test cases, consider Appium for direct integration with the application development life cycle.

3. Get Help With Cross Platform App Testing

If you can’t read the code, you may want to involve professional developers do the testing for you. Your options aren’t limited to software development shops, as the number of consultants specializing in helping companies and individuals test their mobile apps is growing, with price points to match every budget and ambition.


In many cases, outsourcing experts for product testing will not only allow to better and more quickly identify and eliminate bugs, but also keep a 100% focus on product development. Ultimately, you will save both your time and your money.

4. Get Your App Tested Now

If all of the above sounds way too complicated and you are just looking for a specialist that would help with a piece of advice or even could work on your project on a full- or part-time basis, then we’re here to help. At K&C, we have a team of professionals in mobile development, who can build and test cross-platform applications faster and with fewer efforts, using the latest technologies.


K&C has enough experience working with customers from different segments and different sizes, always looking for the balance between project time frame and costs. Working with K&C you get:

– experienced mobile app developers available to start right away

– the ability to expand your existing R&D team with a niche specialist

– motivated professionals with the necessary skillset in the latest tools and technologies.


Finding the perfect cross-platform app testing solution does not have to be difficult — and it is actually not 🙂 If you are willing to try a few non-traditional ways your options are essentially “do or buy”. At K&C we can create a custom solution where you can be involved in your mobile app testing as much or as little as you are comfortable with. When you feel like you are ready, please contact us to discuss an individually tailored cross-platform app testing and development solution.

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