Don’t Treat Me Like a Fool: The worst thing you can do for your business

Don’t Treat Me Like a Fool: The worst thing you can do for your business

Unfortunately, it is the same old story. The thing is that every self-respecting entrepreneur considers their customers, well, to put it delicately… les incompetents.

Technology, the god we worship

Today, technology is driving business. And for good reason. Just imagine where your business would be if there were not any social media, eCommerce platforms, AI, marketing automation, and other gimmicks that we see written next to company promotional materials.


Another driving factor that makes us crazy about technology is that every single article in business media trumpets how great blockchain is, or why you should momentarily implement this technology and not the other.


In this way, on the one hand, we do everything to become more user-friendly and reliable, while on the other hand, in pursuit of brand-new technologies, we can forget for whom we are doing all this – the customer.

Who is actually made a fool of?

Companies create beautiful banners to attract a client to the website, make an appropriate landing page to make sure their journey ends up at the ‘buy-button’. However, what the customer sometimes finds behind the button is far from the ideal service or product. But, the product is sold, so the mission is completed.

After that, the most exciting part begins. Customers start to spread negative reviews across all possible social media. And just to remember, one angry comment on the Internet equates to roughly 26 angry customers that decided to not express their dissatisfaction online. But that doesn’t mean that they are so wordless with, for example, their friends.

Therefore, what clients remember is not the technology you implemented, but how it actually affected them.

Do not try to be client-oriented, be client-oriented

Let’s not become similar to medieval illiterates – technology is not the root of all evil. The main problem of most businesses is that they just pretend to be client-oriented. Their primary goal is to get the benefits of satisfied customers, as opposed to creating true customer satisfaction.

Innovation is great, but any business model should start with one single reason – to serve the customer. This will lead to a simple and clear USP, industry-leading products, and as a result, lean production and high profits. 

Talking about the issue of customer perception, I immediately remember the case of one of our customers, a gaming eCommerce platform, who wanted to realize a certain project in two months. Nobody wanted to take the project, and every company who suggested other options didn’t find a solution to the set task. In the end, they reached out to us, and we agreed to bring the project to life. Yes, it was hard, yes, we were tired for these two months, but in compensation we’ve got one more loyal client – isn’t this for what we should really work?

The conclusion: listen to your customers and realize their dreams and desires, not yours.

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