Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks

“Life is not a movie. Good guys lose, everybody lies, and love… does not conquer all.”

from the movie “Swimming with Sharks”

To breathe, a shark has to constantly swim

The primary problem for most entrepreneurs who run seemingly successful businesses is that they consider themselves to be accomplished businesspeople. At this very moment when they start to imagine themselves ‘big bosses’, they literally condemn their projects to failure.

At first, you lose initiative and motivation, and then the moss that grows on you begins to seem warm, homely, and cozy.

Folk wisdom

I understand how hard it is to push your way out of the comfort zone and make substantial changes to already-robust business processes, which bring regular profits. However, in this age of technological disruption, this is a way to stagnation that leads right into the jaws of the sharks.

More and more new players like Uber, Airbnb, or Amazon are changing their business models not modestly, but radically and disruptively. And this affects all industries. The bottom line is that they blitz the competition.

Cannibalism in the struggle for survival

Big sharks eat other smaller and weaker sharks. In this way, they show domination.

The situation in the business today world is just as real. That is why it’s important to look for reliable partners in every aspect of business. Only then can small and middle-sized enterprises (SMEs) take on larger companies.

Things are getting worse for SMEs in light of the digital transformation happening in the world today. If you go down this path of digital transformation, you’re on your own if you lack the right expertise. In this unknown world, few are familiar with the possibilities and uses of new technologies.

However, the speed of change and the level of investment do not allow for complacency or a lack of knowledge.

To kill a shark

Finding a motivated, professional partner that will suggest realizable digital changes, undertake real actions, and take risks is the only way to succeed.

With K&C, I wanted to create such a company. I wanted to help our customers to forge that difficult path. I wanted to employ the best people to understand needs and implement the best technologies and bring ideas to life. 20 years have passed and I still believe in, and stick to, this formula.

My most vivid example in the last 20 years has been the case of Informa. The company came to us with the desire to develop and the desire to stay afloat in the modern world. But to survive, you have to think differently, even when the business is rather traditional. And that’s what we did – we helped Informa to exist in a new digital dimension. Each and every part of Informa’s business processes, namely events organization, was united under a single online marketplace.

I quickly understood that if you want to help others to be a game changer, you need yourself to be a game changer. Begin with yourself – change your attitude towards the digital transformation. See it as an opportunity, rather than a challenge. This is your chance to reinvent yourself and stay competitive while swimming with sharks.

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