K&C – a nearshore software development company from Munich

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K&C is a software development company from Munich

Hi, we’re K&C (Krusche & Company), a nearshore software development company and IT outsourcer from Munich. We support our partners in meeting their software development needs and deadlines through a scalable, cost-efficient and flexible resource that adjusts to your project cycles.

In 2021, a large majority of businesses and organisations rely on software to manage internal processes or service customers. Often both.

Much of that software is of the off-the-shelf, plug-and-play variety. But a lot of it is also custom developed to specific needs.

Developing software in Munich – the challenge

Proprietary software is often strategically important to organisations. But the development of that software presents challenges:

  • Time-consuming.
  • Team members distracted from core responsibilities and competencies.
  • Shortage of software developers, architects, product owners etc. on the market.
  • Hiring IT specialists directly often impractical as resource needs vary with software development project cycles.
  • High costs

In a particularly expensive and economically dynamic city like Munich, these challenges are often magnified. Especially the expense and difficulty involved in hiring software developers locally.

Does partnering with a specialised software development company make strategic sense for your organisation?

It often makes strategic sense for Munich-region organisations to work with a specialist software development company.

A reliable partner whose core business is software development means you can get on with your core business. And crucially, without compromising your ability to deliver the software your organisation needs on time and in budget.

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The right software development company for your organisation

But how do you know which is the right software development company to rely on to support or deliver your projects? You need a provider that represents the qualities that are best matched to your needs and priorities.

  1. Does the software development company you partner with need to be based in Munich?
  2. Are you willing to pay up to 70% or 80% more for Munich-based developers, consultants etc. to work on your software project?
  3. Or would it be of more benefit to keep costs efficient by working with a Munich-based company that offers nearshore software development resources?
  4. Maybe a hybrid model that combines onsite presence and nearshore dev teams would work best?
  5. How big or varied are your software development projects? Would a big, corporate IT outsourcer best fit your project cycle needs and company culture? Or would a mid-sized or smaller company you have a more personal relationship with work better for you?
  6. Is there a tech stack match? Software development companies often specialise in particular technology stacks, types of software or sector. Your need a partner whose strengths and resources align with your needs.

Is K&C your perfect Munich software development partner?

Sustainable, successful software development partnerships develop when your partner company can offer:

  • The technology specialists you need, when and how you need them.
  • Compatible cooperation and cost models
  • Consistent reliability.
  • The excellent communication trust is built on.

If you think K&C might be the perfect Munich software development company to support your IT projects, we’d love to talk! Just get in touch!

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