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If you are thinking about going serverless, you’re in good company. Serverless architecture has become the go-to app development technology for companies like Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Airbnb.

Why? It’s pretty simple really. You can devote resources to managing your own server infrastructure and quite possibly hit scalability and budget issues if demand increases or spikes. Or you can go serverless and forget about server management and still immediately scale to millions of requests in seconds - without blowing your budget.

If you’re considering building a serverless app or thinking about migrating an existing project, K&C’s experienced cloud consultants and cloud native developers are here to help.
Cost & Scalability
Converting microservices to functions can massively reduce cloud costs for high demand apps allowing you to scale
Server Management
There is none! Let your team focus on rapidly bringing outstanding applications to market safe in the knowledge your server is no longer your worry!
Time to Market
Not having to build a backend and using plug-and-play serverless functions for much of the front-end means switching to a serverless tech stack can revolutionise the speed at which you are able to release new or updated apps.

Let's Build Your Serverless App!

A still relatively new addition to the tech landscape, Serverless architecture rose to prominence after the debut of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda in 2014. Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions quickly followed in offering their own serverless platforms.

As a vendor agnostic serverless consulting and development agency, K&C’s experts have experience with all of the major platforms and affiliation to none. If you’ve already made your choice of serverless provider, we can work with it and almost certainly have many times in the past. If you haven’t we can assist you in reaching the best choice for your particular needs.

Let’s start building your serverless future together, today!

Why Choose K&C For Your Serverless Transformation?

Made in Germany
K&C offers a perfect blend of a Munich HQ & German management with nearshored tech talent. Everything you would expect of the 'made in Germany' without destroying your budget!
Tech Titans
Our IT consultants and developers are at the cutting-edge of DevOps technologies. We're no one-trick ponies and are as skilled in complimentary technologies like Kubernetes and Docker as we are with serverless development.
Our Skills - Your Way
With over 20 years of experience, K&C has built award winning apps,IT infrastructures and implemented DevOps methodologies for companies large and small across Germany and Europe. Each customer is unique and we adapt to your needs!
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