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The modern DevOps cloud environment has presented the challenge of how to operationalise multiple infrastructure providers and deploy applications quickly. One company has done more than any to address this challenge – HashiCorp. The stack allows you to agnostically provision, connect, run and secure infrastructure and apps wherever you need – cloud, on-premise or hybrid.

K&C’s HashiCorp consulting services is here to assist you in leveraging this outstanding suite of tools by integrating it within your environments.

Get Started With HashiCorp Tools

Consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.
Automating complex infrastructure scaffolding across on-premises and cloud assets.

Combined with Packer, full Infrastructure as Code pipelines become a reality.
Connecting existing applications and infrastructure deployed on-premises and the cloud requires a robust service discovery and catalog mechanism.

Consul provides this functionality and can be leveraged for large-scale cloud application deployments.
Securing infrastructure and applications is an important and often difficult task, especially in heterogenous environments.

Vault's robust and infrastructure agnostic approach to securing critical assets, including secrets and keys.
Kubernetes has established itself as the primary container platform but not every app will be deployed as a container and it can be challengingly complex.

Nomad offers a robust yet simple distributed service, batch, and system job scheduler alternative.

Why K&C For HashiCorp?

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Our tech talent is based in our Kiev and Krakow offices, giving us and you access to some of Europe's top minds at competitive rates.
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