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Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) and Cloud-based app development is no longer an IT industry ‘disruptor’ – it’s already practically an industry standard. For organisations driving innovation in a time-to-market pressure cooker environment and against a backdrop of increasing IT workloads, leveraging the efficiencies of automation is a must.

The Docker engine is the beating heart of the modern DevOps app platform – providing the vital connection between developer and IT, Linux and Windows. The technology is as much at home supporting both traditional and microservices architectures in either a cloud, physical bare metal server or hybrid architecture.

Use container virtualisation technology from development to production to build, network, secure, and manage containers. If your organisation needs your apps agile, cloud-ready and secure while maintaining cost efficiency – Docker is for you.

K&C’s Docker services allows your IT department to ship faster and run the same app, unchanged, on laptops, data center VMs, and any cloud. If you need assistance in customising and integrating container technology as part of your ongoing development and business needs – we’re here for you.
Docker Consulting
K&C can assist you in your team’s path towards faster application development and delivery. Our experienced Docker consultants can recommend and help you set up and implement the right tools and methodologies so you can build and ship faster.
Development With Container Technology
K&C’s experienced Docker developers have created a huge variety of outstanding web, mobile and custom solutions. If it's Docker your company needs, our team of expert designers, developers and programmers can build it.
Custom Docker Solutions
Whatever your Docker needs might be, K&C's experienced team will customise a solution and service model to fit. All you need to do is ask!

Take the Risk out of Docker with K&C

Docker offers a complete framework for all apps, both monolith or microservices, Linux or Windows, on-premises or cloud – a standard container and workflow for secure, agile and portable apps. Your innovation will be both faster and inherently scalable with the Docker engine automating deployment pipelines. Introduce new features with rapid release and simple roll-back when necessary. Your customers’ needs no longer have to wait. Docker can be integrated into your legacy environment and extended into new systems – no vendor lock-in.

Why Choose K&C For Docker Consulting and Development Services

German Management
Based in our Munich home of over 20 years now, K&C represents everything you have come to expect of 'made in Germany'.
Nearshored Tech Talent
Our development and IT tech talent centres in Kiev, Krakow and Sofia help us recruit some of Europe's brightest developers and experts in cutting-edge digital technology.
We Do It Your Way
Remote, in your office or a hybrid for the best of both worlds. Consultants, team extensions and dedicated teams. K&C's Docker experts work for you on your terms to answer your needs.
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