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Cloud native architecture consulting & services in Munich, Germany

Cloud Consulting You Can Trust

Don't let yourself be trapped in monolithic architectures when migrating to the Cloud. With cloud native applications based on microservices and Docker you unleash the whole potential of your IT: reliability, scalability and speed.

Cloud Native Tech Stack


We understand your goals, advise and agree how best to fulfill them.


Loosely coupled and independently deployable for flexbility

Real-Streaming with Node.js

Docker & Kubernetes

Isolated into small, lightweight execution environments these microservices can be easily deployed and scaled.

Agile Devops & Automation using CI/CD

All containers are developed, (automatically) tested and deployed in a CI/CD process.


Netflix Tech Stack

We work with rigorously tested tech stacks, adapting them to your application.

As agile as your business

The combination of loosely coupled microservices in Docker containers with the orchestration of Kubernetes and integration in a DevOps CI/CD process enables the whole potential of cloud native applications.

Finding the best architecture is not only a technological question but depends also on customers starting point and outlook.

K&C's Promise

State-of-the-Art Architecture
With 20 years of experience in designing large enterprise architectures we will realize your business goals with the tech and processes they deserve!
Full service Cloud tech stack
Web front-end, microservice architecture and secure DevOps in the Cloud.
Cost Efficient
German management and a global tech talent pool gives you the right cost/quality ratio. Our experts and teams can work remotely, from your offices or a hybrid of both. Your choice.

Word of mouth

The pragmatic consulting approach delivered results right from the start. No Powerpoints, but Proof-of-Concepts, which provided the basis for reliable planning. We were happy to engage them for implementation and maintenance.

Everything you need

Technology stack adapted to your needs and an experienced team dedicated to your success

Fixed price, short-term or long-term dedicated teams. We offer flexible collaboration models that fit your needs. 

Krusche & Company GmbH
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