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Effective and efficient cloud management can often be the difference between the failure or success for many organisations’ cloud strategy. Get it right and you will improve performance, the speed of iteration and reduce IT costs significantly. Get cloud management wrong, and the result could well be the inverse of all of the benefits a cloud strategy was supposed to bring. Cloud strategies involve a volume of specialised work like migrating legacy systems, addressing security concerns and data privacy as well as meeting strategic priorities such as avoiding vendor lock-in.

The competing priorities that can slow down cloud migration can often be resolved with a multi or hybrid cloud approach. But the evolution to a more complex cloud infrastructure can bring its own problems if an organisation's inhouse resource lacks management and development experience specific to the chosen cloud environments.

That's where we come in as a cloud management, consultancy and development agency! Our teams have worked across numerous cloud projects, from single to multi and hybrid infrastructures and across popular public and private cloud vendors. We’ve encountered a huge range of scenarios and solved countless challenges. Leverage that experience to the benefit of your organisation’s cloud management so you can focus on developing beautiful applications. We'll make sure they run seamlessly across you cloud infrastructure. Cloud management is our expertise! Let us help you focus fully on yours!

The Cloud Management Tech Stack


Orchestration of container deployments with Kubernetes. Let us manage the complexities of managing clusters across different hosts.


Tight management across your cloud environment using an Istio mesh across multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Spring Cloud Framework

Develop cloud agnostic apps that leverage Spring Cloud's 'Cloud Connector'.

Cloud Management Services

Integrating Legacy Applications

By adding a microservice layer using Spring Cloud Framework

Future Proofing Your Multi Cloud Strategy

De-risk vendor lock-in by using open source standards including Kubernetes and Istio to deploy and integrate your services.

Agile Multi/Hybrid Cloud Consulting

Including proof-of-concept, benchmarking of your IT costs and optimising workload to cloud deployments.

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Through a preliminary workshop, we identify your requirements for different deployment models optimised for your unique requirements around infrastructure, workloads, security, and more.

Stay ahead!

Gartner predicts that by 2021, more than half of global enterprises already using cloud today will adopt an all-in cloud strategy. You can be left behind. Or you can lead the way!

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Workshop & Lightning Discussions:

2 Days

Infrastructure Proof of Concept:

4 weeks


3 months

Word of mouth

For us it is important that our customers use latest technologies to stay ahead. We achieve this by understanding their starting point and goals, and then to leverage their possibilities.

Would You Like To Discuss Your Cloud Management Needs?

Future-proof your software development investment. Your Proof of Concept in lightening quick time!

Multi Cloud Management

A Multi Cloud Management Case Study by K&C:

Check out how we implemented a Multi cloud infrastructure to optimize the charging of car batteries for China's largest taxi sharing app HERE

Working with K&C


K&C's cloud experts and teams have years of experience developing cloud native applications & infrastructure.

Why start from the beginning?

Leverage our experience for your results!

Cloud Technologies Expertise

We know just which technologies to use where. Multi and hybrid cloud complexities tamed with simple, reliable solutions.

Cloud Platforms Know-How

We have cloud experts with consulting and development experience across major public cloud platform providers:

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and more.

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