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Why move your architecture and application development onto the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud? Innovation is a creative process. In today’s fast-paced digital economy, testing new approaches and ideas again and again is not only crucial to leading a sector but simply achieving sustainability. But innovation always involves risks. Failures must not only be sustainable, but understood as a normal part of the process.

As a contemporary company, you need to be able to experiment quickly and inexpensively. This is where AWS provides the ideal technology platform. By utilising the power of the cloud through Amazon Web Services, you can check your ideas for sustainability quickly, efficiently and with calculated risk.
AWS Migration
Time to move all or a part of your infrastructure and apps onto the cloud? We've got your back!
AWS Development
Need experts to help you develop native cloud applications? You're in the right place!
AWS Consulting
Nothing beats technical know-how combined with experience. Leverage ours to solve your AWS challenges.

Whether you need assistance to set you up on AWS by migrating your existing infrastructure and apps, require additional development or testing resources or specialist consultancy on a particular issue you are facing, we’re here to assist you. Based in Munich & operating nearshored tech talent centres in Kiev and Krakow, K&C is one of Germany’s most trusted Cloud agnostic and AWS consulting and development agencies.

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Expertise Spanning The Whole AWS Ecosystem

K&C offers a full roster of services for companies building contemporary cloud solutions on and using Amazon Web Services. Take advantage of the market leading time to value ratio our experience, expertise and established automation frameworks and processes offers. Operational management of AWS environments to improved business value from you AWS solutions through automation and analytics.

With K&C in your corner, you have experience and competency that spans the length and breadth of AWS ecosystem at your service as you develop and optimise your cloud strategy and integrate new and innovative technologies.

Better Results - Faster
With over 20 years of experience in web development, cloud, databases, DevOps and analytics K&C provides you with optimal time to value.
360 Degree AWS Services
You need a single, sure point of AWS operations and data expertise and that is K&C. Let our experts help you map out your complete cloud strategy. Then we make sure you achieve it!
Your AWS Head Start
With K&C, you don’t need to start at the beginning on your AWS journey. Leverage our established solutions, processes and automations to more quickly unlock AWS value with reduced risk.
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