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AngularJS's open-source JavaScript framework was developed and still supported by Alphabet’s Google, AngularJS, as described by the team behind the open source community is “what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps".

Angular, the typescript evolution, added features such as modularity, dynamic loading, reactive programming and the scaffolding of Angular cli.

Angular is best described as the ‘toolset’ used to build the optimal framework for your application’s development. Entirely extensible, it also works well in combination with other JS libraries, offering additional flexibility. Features can be modified or switched in and out in a way that best fits the specifics of your particular development workflow and feature requirements.

Why AngularJS?

A holistic framework for the effective development of modern web applications
Data-binding for automatic view updates, Controllers - express behavior without DOM updating boilerplates, Plain JS - code easy to test, maintain and reuse without boilerplating.
Component Creation
Create reusable components specific to your application and directives to extend HTML syntax, including app localization.
Navigation, Forms & Backends
Deep linking - AngularJS combines the benefits of deep linking with desktop app-like behavior, form validation & server communication.
Designed for testability from the ground up, AngularJS encourages behavior-view separation, comes pre-bundled with mocks, takes full advantage of dependency injection and an end-to-end scenario runner.

Why K&C For Your Angular Development?

Based in Munich and serving Germany and beyond, K&C has been consulting and executing Web Development projects for happy customers for over 20 years. From some of Europe's best known brands to cutting-edge start-ups and SMEs, our nearshored tech talent assist our partners in developing industry-leading apps built on AngularJS and other contemporary technologies with dedication, team spirit and technical expertise.

Your Angular & AngularJS Services

From MVP to Enterprise Apps
Update and improve your existing Angular apps.
Dev Projects
Need an app built in Angular from scratch? We'd love to help.
Moving to Angular from AngularJS? We've got you covered.
Want to upgrade your Angular apps to the latest version for improved security? We're here to help.
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