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an introduction to React development

Krusche & Company’s React Developers Are Your Special Forces in Munich and Across Europe

React is an open-source JavaScript library used to build user interfaces and React developers are the most searched for front end tech talent on today’s market.

In the ideal scenario, you have landed here in your quest to source some Munich-based React development crack troops. Why? To help you realise your grand vision of building an application that will save the world from all of its ills of course. You’re a benevolent billionaire and you don’t care how much it costs or how long it takes!

One ever so slight level down from that in our order of preference is that you are a business or organisation that needs a Munich-based React development service to help you realise your perfectly sensible and achievable vision. Namely, developing a new React-based application that will help you better serve your users, customers or in-house processes. You have a budget and a deadline. We love those too and, to be honest, that’s pretty much who we are and what we do while we await our benevolent billionaire!

What we’re going to do here, just so you know (we love transparency almost as much as benevolent billionaires), is give you a quick rundown of React, why it’s so popular for applications built according to an MVP pattern framework and some of the challenges its choice can involve (no framework is perfect for everything, boo! But that’s what keeps us in a job, yaay!). We’ll then, if you are kind enough to allow us the opportunity, tell you a little bit more about Krusche & Company’s React resource, experience and why we hope you’ll pick us (apart from crying ourselves to sleep because we don’t take rejection well if you don’t). You’ll be in good company. We work with some of the best known brands in Europe, a lot of great, established SMEs and numerous exciting start-up.

We’re based in Munich with German management, who make us better people by yelling at us when our desks, Jira and Confluence are messy. We also have offices in Kiev in Ukraine, Krakow in Poland and Sofia in Bulgaria. The majority of our glittering array of React and other tech talent are based there. At least when not travelling across Europe to make our partners’ dreams come true. So, we are able to offer a nearshore price point. That was a strong USP, I hope you took note!

Ok, we’ve mixed up the order a little. Now back to what you want to hear from a respectable React service provider. Based on meticulous research of 60,000 employment positions for front end developers carried out by the guys and gals over at TechMagic, React development still accounts for over 75% of front end applications work. That’s despite the established competition from Angular 2 through 7 and a little tickle from Vue.js. (<1% of job openings focus on Vue).

Now, it’s important to emphasise that these stats are for front end developer positions being advertised and not live development work. But if 75% of job openings seeking front end developers specify ReactJS skills, we can take that as a pretty reliable forecast that a big percentage of the new front end development across the web over the next few years will use the framework.

At K&C we have top developers across all three front end MVP pattern frameworks. They all have their pros and cons and the choice of which is the optimal choice of course always boils down to the specifics of the application. But it’s telling that React still dominates front end development.

Why Is React Such a Popular Front End Development Technology?

The React library dates back to 2011, when it was released by Jordan Walke, a Facebook software developer. Its debut deployment was on Facebook’s Newsfeed the same year and React’s profile further raised when it was also used on Instagram in 2012. The framework was subsequently made open source, from which point it has grown rapidly in popularity.

The framework’s core strength is in enabling single page user interfaces where data can be changed/updated without the need for the page to be reloaded. ReactJS is fast, simple, scalable and, crucially, flexible in its compatibility with other MCV JS frameworks like Angular and Vue.

React’s popularity with front end developers is statistically verified by StackOverflow’s 2018 Developer Survey. With over 100,000 developers canvassed, it’s very much a statistically relevant insight into the software engineering sector. Coming in just behind TensorFlow, React was the most ‘loved’ framework with just under 70% of respondents nominating it. Interestingly though, React was still just the third most used framework, with just 28.3% of developers actively using it. That’s almost 10% less than Angular at 37.6% and Node at almost 50%, though the latter’s share is explained by its use in back end development also.

However, based on the complimentary data from TechMagic around the framework knowledge required by recent job openings mentioned earlier, we can probably expect React to overtake Angular over 2019 in terms of the number of developers actively using it.

React developers Munich

Ok, enough trivia for your next development sector trends office quiz. Developers love React and the framework is currently the most sought after skill among front end recruiters. But why?

React is Easy to Learn

Being comparatively ‘easier’ for experienced developers to learn doesn’t make React a ‘better’ framework in terms of the quality of the finished product. But the fact that the framework is very accessible to any developer that already has strong JavaScript skills definitely contributes to its practicality.

A framework which is fantastic but requires a lot of effort for developers to get to grips with will always be less popular than another framework that is also fantastic and is easy for developers to learn to work with.

React Development Is Time Efficient

A rich resource of reusable components and development tools really boosts developer productivity when React is the chosen framework for a front-end application.

ReactJS Development is Cost Effective

The logical result of the speed at which React-based front end applications can be built at means it is a cost effective choice of framework.

Richness of React-Based User Interfaces

a strong UI goes a long way towards a winning UX and a winning UX is crucial to the success of any modern web-based business or user-centric application. Using React helps developers build rich interfaces quickly and easily.

Strong React Developer Community Support

The large and enthusiastic community of React developers contributing to the open-source framework’s library, the wealth of video tutorials and depth of pretty much every other format of resource that makes the life of a React dev easier is a massive boost and a key reason why it is so popular and increasingly so.


React views being treatable as ‘functions of the state’ means they can be easily tested in the ReactJS view, very easily testing outputs, triggered actions, functions, events and so on.

Of course, we could spend forever going into the strengths and deficiencies of ReactJS in comparison with other framework choices and based on different combinations of circumstances and application specifications. But the above is a good overview of the spine of this popular framework.

Is ReactJS Is The Right Framework Choice For Your Application?

In short, if you need to build a highly-reactive UI, which rapidly responds to events and updates data accordingly, there is a high chance ReactJS will be your optimal framework. But as always, the final decision will rest on a weighing up all of your application’s priorities and requirements. It might well turn out that the best solution is purely React-based but it is just as likely a combination of compatible frameworks could deliver the optimal final front end software product.

Krusche & Company – React Developers – Munich-based Management – Nearshored Tech Talent

Please Give us a shout, either over the phone or online. We’d be delighted to hear about your application and give you our experience-based preliminary appraisal.

K&C is of course not just a React development agency. We have experts that cover the full front end and back end framework and language gamma. Our tech talent can form either a dedicated team or extension to your in-house resource. No obligation following an initial assessment but we’re confident we’ll impress! Go on, you know you want to!

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