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German management and nearshored development skills
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Urgent or crucial project you can’t deliver because you are missing experts with specific know-how and experience? Can’t spend months and money finding the right engineer inhouse when you don’t know your future needs?

Just plug the relevant K&C expert(s) straight into your team. Team extensions and other IT Outsourcing models that are as agile as a modern business's needs.

Team extension (time/material)

Transparent recruitment and staffing process
Flexible assignment to your projects dependent on actual needs
Perfect for peaks in workload or when special expertise is needed

Word of mouth

Due to its extensive expertise and valuable experience developing corporate mission-critical portals, K&C has been our reliable partner throughout every stage - from planning to delivery of web solution. This goal-oriented and consolidated cooperation made it possible to develop a high-load web application and integrate it into the Metro AG portal, allowing to submit Yes Telecom offers to more than 1.5 million of prospects within just one month.
We looked for a trustworthy development team, who could bring to life our bold ideas, for quite a while. When Informa and KNect365 first started to work with K&C, there was a lot to do. However, after a couple of months, the result was more than just good. The K&C team has met our expectations, considering their professional integrity, technical competence, drive, and readiness to achieve challenging tasks. And they did all of this on short notice. There is no hesitation from us in continuing our cooperation.

Stay on track

with a K&C Team extension

Success stories

Save Ideas – A Blockchain Development Case Study
Save Ideas is a start-up that has created a free-to-use global platform where anyone can save and protect their intellectual property, exchange ideas, communicate with others and attract promoters, customers, and investors. The platform has been in use since 2015 and was ready for expansion. We were tasked with migrating it to a blockchain.
VAIX – Hybrid Cloud For A Fault Tolerant Infrastructure
AWS & Co. are not always the best option. Our client required a custom solution so we built them a hybrid cloud infrastructure for the best of both worlds.
Playtech Dedicated Liferay Team
How we ramped up a Liferay team from 0 to 120 for the online gaming sector's biggest software provider
ViaBuy Fintech Mobile App
How and why we chose React Native for our client's fintech mobile app
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