Controlled Agility

Fixed Price Agile Sofware Development

Fixed Price or Controlled Agile?

Is the agile methodology to software development compatible with a fixed price requirement? Especially in the context of outsourced IT services, sometimes it has to be. Or very close. Our favoured approach is 'controlled agile'. It's a model that respects your budget and the need for just enough flexibility to react to new changing conditions and priorities. In our experience, a controlled approach to an pure agile methodology works better than pure fixed price agile.

Outsourced Team + agile approach + delivery management = 'Controlled Agile'

How does it work?

Initial Budget Estimation
Our K&C Solution and Estimation Knowledge Base gives an informed and solid foundation for total budget planning and ROI calculation.
Agile sprints
In each sprint the requirements are specified and refined to stay agile.
After each sprint we update the overall forecast and budget planning to show that we are still on track and within the agreed framework.

How Can We Help You?

We offer a flexible range of IT outsourcing cooperation models
because every project and organisation's needs are unique

Word of mouth

As local systems integrator K&C supported us in complicated integration of products that happen to involve a lot of contractors. K&C professionalism and technical expertise ensured we overcome that challenge. K&C has demonstrated high flexibility in daily project management and contracting process that enabled agile adoption of new requirements and made it possible for us to meet some strict deadlines that emerged due to recently changed legislation. Also, the project had a fixed price basis for peace-of-mind budget planning.
We looked for a trustworthy development team, who could bring to life our bold ideas, for quite a while. When Informa and KNect365 first started to work with K&C, there was a lot to do. However, after a couple of months, the result was more than just good. The K&C team has met our expectations, considering their professional integrity, technical competence, drive, and readiness to achieve challenging tasks. And they did all of this on short notice. There is no hesitation from us in continuing our cooperation.

When nearshore is the right choice for you

Domestic scarcity of the tech skills you need
Relatable culture and short haul distance making travel convenient for those occassions on-site communication is needed
Competitive market rates
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