IT Outsourcing
K&C – IT Outsourcing Provider – Munich home – nearshore advantage!
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K&C – a nearshore software development company from Munich
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Why the right technology stack for your web applications is such a crucial strategic decision and a checklist to get it right
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The case for the IONIC framework in hybrid apps development
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When does IT Outsourcing work? And when doesn’t it?
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React Native Case Study – Viabuy Fintech Mobile Payments App Solutions
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When Is Nearshore Software Development A Better Strategic Choice Than In-House Team?
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Can Outsourcing From Munich Help You Stay Competitive?
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Nearshore Outsourcing Explained – What, When & Why Plus All The Facts & Stats For The Sector In 2020
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Krusche & Company GmbH
Jakob-Klar-Str. 4
80796 München1

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