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You meet your IT project deadlines, in budget, and with a great end product or result. We have a happy partner. Win-win!

IT OutsourcingPUBLISHED ON February 11, 2021 | MODIFIED ON April 23, 2021


IT outsourcing provider Munich

As an IT outsourcing provider, what we do at K&C is simple. We solve our partners’ IT headaches, replacing them with the technology that allows them to grow through internal efficiencies or better serving clients.

How do we do that? By flexibly providing the consultants, team extensions or dedicated teams with the skills and technology stack demanded by your project cycles. You meet your IT project deadlines, in budget, and with a great end product or result. We have a happy partner. Win-win!

When does IT Outsourcing work?

(And when doesn’t it?)

Why work with an IT outsourcing provider?

In 2021, many organisations need to build custom software to remain competitive and power growth and achieve cost efficiencies. Not being a digitally forward organisation is generally simply not an option in the modern economy and world. And while organisations often can’t operate sustainably without proprietary or customised software and IT infrastructure, building and maintaining that software and infrastructure is not their core business. And even when it is, third-party support can be necessary for a variety of reasons.

For organisations that need to build and run software applications but are not software development companies, it can often be more efficient to fully or partly outsource the execution and maintenance for a number of reasons:

  1. Allows you to focus on what you do best – running and growing your business or organisation – without the distraction of running IT projects.
  2. Software development and IT projects are managed and/or executed by professionals who are specialised in doing exactly that.
  3. IT project cycles often require different resources at different times. Team numbers may need to be scaled up and down and tech stack requirements vary. That can mean hiring permanent employees in-house is impractical.
  4. Software engineers and other IT specialists can be an excruciatingly expensive overhead at typical German market rates. Working with an IT outsourcing partner with nearshored offices can reduce costs by up to 70% without compromising on the seniority level of the specialists.
  5. A core in-house IT department supported by flexible, scalable team extensions on an ‘as required’ basis from a trusted IT outsourcing partner is often the right strategic balance for organisations.

Is K&C the right IT outsourcing provider for you?

K&C is a mid-sized IT outsourcing provider headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. We work with a combination of Germany-based IT consultants and nearshored tech talent centres in Krakow, Poland, Kyiv, Ukraine and Minsk in Belarus host our software developers and other specialists.

On the market for over 20 years now, we provide outsourced IT resources to partners that range from some of Germany and Europe’s biggest brands to exciting start-ups disrupting industries from fashion to energy. Aside from the fact we’re lovely people to deal with (and modest!), without compromising on communication standards, organisation and efficiency, our USP is the flexibility we offer our partners.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all business model and are here to adapt to the changing needs of your organisation and project cycles. We offer:

  • Fixed price web, native and hybrid app development.
  • Agile web and native app development.
  • Controlled or fixed price agile development.
  • QA
  • Dedicated teams with full delivery management.
  • Dedicated teams managed by you – Outstaffing.
  • Team extensions with or without delivery management, as required.
  • DevOps, cloud-native architecture and Kubernetes consultants.
  • All of the market’s most common commercial tech stacks.
  • Experts in recruiting for niche tech stacks and specialisations.

If it’s commercially viable for us to meet your IT outsourcing needs, we’ll bend over backwards to do so. If it’s not, we’ll be upfront and won’t waste your time, or ours. That’s not how long-term, sustainable partnerships are built. And building those partnerships is always our aim!

If you’d like to dig a little more into our company culture, business model and approach to working with our partners just click on the link below.

If you’d like to tell us about your needs and find out more about K&C and if we are the right IT outsourcing company to meet them, just drop us a line, or give us a call! Let’s find out if we’re the partner you’ve been looking for!



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