GoLang: Features, Pros and Cons

An introductory guide to the Go programming language and its application

BlogUPDATED ON June 4, 2021

GoLang pros and cons

Go is a programming language sponsored by Google. While tutorials on Golang were still being developed, the K&C team had already put it into use in web development projects. This is our introductory guide and appraisal 

Some brief history… Go was developed in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. Golang was launched in 2009, and quickly gained popularity with each passing year. Now Go is used worldwide by software industry giants such as Dropbox, Google, Cloudflare and Docker. It attracts engineers with its type safety, rich standard library, garbage collection and dynamic interfaces.

However, at K&C, we don’t believe Go is generally a good choice for frontend web development, where we tend to favour the main JavaScript frameworks and libraries. But it does have other strengths. especially in backend development, where it can often be considered as an alternative to Node.js. Below, we have outlined some of the applications Golang is perfectly suited for:

Real-time development

A technology to create programs that users sense as immediate or current, providing solutions for e-commerce, chatting, online gaming and more.

Networking development

A study of how computers can be linked to share data. Today it involves web technologies, wireless trends and social media development. Golang features goroutines and channels were designed to meet modern tech demand. Go attributes, such as speed of development and deployment, also work perfectly for this task.

Cloud infrastructure

Golang provides on-demand access to shared computer processing, allowing you to process your data on a privately owned cloud or a third-party server. It also worth noting that the well-known Google Cloud and Docker platform were developed using Golang.

Micro services

A service-oriented architecture that structures an application, decomposes it to smaller services and makes it easier to understand, develop and test. Go-kit provides specialized support, such as infrastructure integration and system observability perfectly suited to writing microservices.

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GoLang: Pros and Cons

Like any other technology, Go has both strengths and weaknesses. Based on our experience, we have compiled a list of pros and cons for productive use of the language:

GoLang Pros

+ High speed. Go is fast in compiling projects and can even be applied for editing directly on the web.

+ Compatibility with C language. This feature, particularly the cgo command, enables the use of extensive C libraries.

+ Rich library. An expanded standard library covers many specific areas. Golang has a fully working web server as a part of its standard library.

+ Documentation as a standard feature. Software engineers can more easily document their code and generate human-readable data out of source code comments.

GoLang Cons

-Young ecosystem. Books and online courses on Golang are still scarce.

Tool limitations. Golang’s tooling is inconvenient. On the surface, it has some really useful tools, but its limitations are evident shortly after putting it into use.

Learning difficulties. Despite the fact that Go is a user-friendly language, it’s still complicated for learning and difficult for fixing bugs.

According to the recent studies of Tiobe, Golang has made a steep jump into the Top 15 programming languages list and is there to stay. This young language will definitely rock the area of cloud technologies and entrepreneurship programs in the near future.

The K&C team is constantly working on deepening our expertise in Go. So if you need an IT outsourcing partner with GoLang as part of its tech stack, you know where to find us!

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