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As of 2021 React Native is the most popular cross-platform mobile development technology on the market

Case StudiesUPDATED ON May 27, 2021

an introduction to React development

React Native for complex cross-platform mobile apps

K&C was tasked with the development of a cross-platform fintech mobile payments application built with React Native for our partner Viabuy. This case study, and accompanying explainer video, details the project and the strengths of React Native development in the context of the particular use case.

Our Partner – Viabuy – One of Europe’s most popular prepaid card solutions providers

VIABUY, a brand of e-payment specialist PPRO, is one of Europe’s most popular consumer prepaid card solutions. Offering an e-money account with assigned IBAN for incoming and outgoing bank transfers, online banking features and an acceptance rate of nearly 100% for EU residents, VIABUY is not only a well-established prepaid card solution but a real bank account and credit card alternative for unbanked individuals and consumers with a poor credit history. Founded in 2006, PPRO is headquartered in London and serves more than one million prepaid card users throughout Europe.

When does IT Outsourcing work?

(And when doesn’t it?)

Europe’s fintech landscape is very dynamic:

70% of web traffic in Europe now comes from mobile devices, increasing the demand for mobile solutions.

Following industry trends and consumer needs, PPRO decided to develop a mobile version of its VIABUY services. The replication of all online services with a mobile app seemed natural.

The challenge

All VIABUY’s web development properties have been developed with ReactJS. That made React Native the logical solution for the development of the mobile app version of VIABUY web services. The ultimate objective of the project was the replication of VIABUY web solutions with a cross-platform mobile app based on React Native.

A fresh look at banking and payments apps

PPRO was looking for a professional software development outsourcing company to work on a cross-platform mobile application based on the React Native library for VIABUY. In contrast to native development, traditionally popular among large financial organizations, and bearing in mind that React Native was a relatively new and still developing library, a strong competency in cross-platform mobile development was required from the development partner.

With a specialist background in developing banking and financial services sector applications, and with more than 20 years of experience in web and mobile development, K&C convinced of our expertise and experience in React Native development and started working on the assignment.

Functionality requirements for VIABUY’s mobile application

After the first workshop with Viabuy, where the general development approach was approved, K&C undertook the project with a clear understanding of the upcoming workflow.

We reproduced the core functionality of VIABUY’s existing browser-based web application in a cross-platform mobile application. Mobile users can now easily check their account balances, view their transaction history, add a new card and enjoy the entire VIABUY service’s range of functionality, on the go.

The App’s Features

The following app features built by the K&C team, available on both Android and iOS versions of the app, are worth particular mention:

  • Creation of new account quickly & easily
  • Load money from bank accounts or other e-wallets
  • Finger print-based touch ID log-in
  • Secure in-app data access
  • App to resume from sleep after a period of inactivity
  • Secure login information reset function

Tech Stack & Process

React Native + K&C-designed custom plugins

Despite a lack of some ready-to-use features within the React Native framework (which is continually improving and adding new out-of-the-box solutions to common functionality needs), the K&C team was able to extend the React Native framework’s functionality with customized native elements. For example, the framework provided partial support of some features connected with accessibility to the hardware of mobile devices, such as a fingerprint sensor solution for Android. The K&C team then developed a custom Android plugin for the fingerprint feature, meaning it would work seamlessly on almost every mobile device available on the market.

The entire development process of the cross-platform mobile application embracing the functionality of VIABUY web services took K&C less than 4 months. The period corresponded directly to the predefined timeline of the project.
The case study confirms the adaptability and strengths of React Native for cross-platform mobile application

React Native proves its strengths for the development of even complex cross-platform applications

This project proved that React Native is a great choice for cross-platform mobile development, even for app projects of significant size and scope. And that it is able to efficiently and effectively meet the kind of requirements complicated fintech applications can involve.

A lack of some out-of-the-box features shouldn’t necessarily make React Native less attractive for organisations looking for advanced cross-platform development. And continued evolution of the library by the React Native developers’ open source community means new, out-of-the-box elements are constantly being added. The rich functionality and rapid releases of apps created on React Native should incentivize appearing new customers interested in fast and feasible cross-platform development.

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