Technologies that Foster Digital Transformation

Technologies that Foster Digital Transformation

Technologies that Foster Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an essential process in case your company is not planning to shut the business down in the nearest couple of years. Be sure that your competitors are already planning to implement it, and some of them might have actually started to modify. We have come up with a set of five consequential technologies that, when applied coherently, will drive your company’s digital transformation and help your business stay up to date.

We live in the era when business changes fast, so in order to retain the current state and to succeed in increasing the market position it is necessary to keep up to the pace. When talking about digital transformation people tend to think that it’s only about new technologies. In reality, this process goes far beyond the tech part. It is shaped by a perfect combination of technologies, combined with an integral digital transformation strategy. Which means that the change lies in the way of perceiving the business in the global perspective. It is important to study your business model in depth, as well as to apprehend the changes you will be forced to make in the nearest years. This clear vision will help choose the right plan and tools to foster your integral digital transformation strategy.

Stepping aside the strategic guidelines, there still is a tech core you have to be aware of – these are the several basic technologies, which are a “must-have” in case you are planning to transform your company digitally. Being a tech geek or a digital savvy is not required, as you can always seek for consultancy in order to implement the tech stack coherently, but having an idea of what those technologies stand for and of the benefits they can bring to business will help you synchronously change your business in-line with the global changes.

Big Data and Analytics

“Who owns the information, he owns the world.” Today this saying is topical like never before. Your company will receive enormous amounts of data during the next few years. It will be used to improve marketing, sales, performance analysis, etc. There is no way you can cope with this volume of data without the help of proper technology.


Everything digital is moving to the cloud. World’s top apps and services are being reconstructed for the cloud. Even if you have made a decision to store the data on owned servers because of the security issues, it’s good to know that it can be just as secure stored in the cloud servers. Above that, letting your applications run on containerized platforms is a correct choice, as you can never truly predict where you will have to execute your application tomorrow. In case you don’t trust clouds yet, you can launch a cloud-like platform on your own hardware.

Cyber Security

You decide to move on the more productive way and move everything to the cloud and create the best content in the world, but what’s the reason if you can not protect it? A high level of cyber security is essential in this day and age. Even if you are not an obvious target for hackers, there’s a possibility of some random DDoS attacks carried out just for fun by some creative geek playing around the Internet, which will bring your digital tools to a full stop.

Customer Experience and Digital Media

Nowadays customers have multiple ways to communicate with you about the product or service – Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, any other “…gram”. Your response must be instant no matter which digital channel was chosen for communication by a client.


For sure you should have already done it by now, but in case you didn’t – schedule the implementation of eSignature technology for this year. Being one of the fastest returns on digital transformation investment for businesses, it will save you money almost immediately. Also, it is a very eco-friendly step.

These are only a few possible improvements for your company on the road to building a digital transformation strategy. Krusche company can consult you through the primary steps of this process. We can create the scheme of digitalization, install proper tools and teach you to use them. Also, we will gather the feedback and apply it to improve your product or service. Companies like Mobility Media, Informa, and DiManEx have already stepped on the path of digitalization with the help of Krusche, and these successful cases prove the top-notch results.

Be sure to implement these five technologies to ensure your company’s digital transformation will be carried out successfully. Keeping up with the trends of the modern era is crucial if you want your business to expand and grow. So, if the expertise of your internal team does not cover the five pillars outlined in this post, make sure you find a reliable partner to serve your needs in the digital transformation journey.

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