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DevOpsPUBLISHED ON February 22, 2019 | MODIFIED ON October 18, 2019

K&C’s DevOps Consulting Promise – Painless Transition to a Better Business

K&C’s DevOps consultants offer a 3600 set-up of your organisation’s DevOps tools and processes without any of the headache. The result is full-integration of your development and operations teams and processes. Transitioning to a DevOps approach and cloud-native tools that automate your workloads will increase the velocity and quality of your software development and testing while reducing deployment risk and enhancing security.


The evolution of industrial automation transformed how physical goods were designed, manufactured and delivered over the course of the last century. This century it will be the automation of how software applications are built and delivered that will shape the competitive landscape. That’s the essence of DevOps and why your organisation must harness its collaborative efficiency.

DevOps Transition

The key outcomes you can expect from K&C’s DevOps consulting services are:

Developer Efficiency & Predictable Outcomes

DevOps processes automate the release of new software or features of existing applications. The result is a streamlined and predictable development and deployment pipeline.


Our DevOps consultants will ensure your infrastructure and documentation is standardised, unifying local development environments to avoid inconsistencies on deployment. If it works on one machine, it works on every machine!


AdvantagesStaging servers set up identically to the production environment and automated QA testing frameworks eliminate bugs pre-deployment, reducing inefficient manual processes that are particularly vulnerable to costly errors.

Accelerated Features Development and Release Times Keep You In Budget

Communication lines and feedback loops between developers, operations, management and IT infrastructure are tightened when DevOps is adopted. Continuous integration of new code makes eliminating bugs and adjusting features easy.


One of the main causes of delays in software development and deployment is rolling back or de-bugging large parts of a project after updates that don’t go to plan. DevOps continuous integration prevents that and keeps your projects on time and in budget.

DevOps Means Cloud-Based Flexibility

The set-up of auto-scaling cloud-based infrastructure is a key part of our DevOps consultancy service. The right cloud solution for a DevOps approach eliminates maintenance costs and optimises server expenses to changing needs. Depending on your particular needs, our DevOps consultants can assist in Cloud migration by:


Migration of application servers, filesystems and database storage.


Server configuration for auto-scaling.


Configuration of automated monitoring.


Migration to customised and flexible cloud-based.


Infrastructure as a Service’ from ‘Platform as Service’ solutions.

DevOps Means Zero Downtime

A key focus of K&C’s DevOps integration service is the configuration of automated monitoring and alert tools. This means you are always on top of your system’s performance and any issues are identified and resolved before they are able to impact performance.

DevOps Consultancy FAQs

Why K&C as Your DevOps Consulting Partner? What Makes Us Different?

Vendor independent: Krusche & Company Provides a Cloud-vendor Independent DevOps Transformation Consultancy Service. We have extensive experience of and certification in the three Cloud vendor pillars of:


·        Amazon Web Services

·        Microsoft Azure

·        Google Cloud Platform


Having supported hundreds of partners in their transition to a DevOps model of software development, we have rare insight into the challenges and opportunities a DevOps transition represents. There are variations in these but clear patterns. Our consultants will quickly identify the optimal DevOps transition approach for the specifics of your organisation.


Communication: we know that technical expertise and the business interests of the client not being compromised by third-party commercial relationships should be, at least in theory, a given for and DevOps consultancy service.


Beyond that, our promise is the kind of communication and reporting process that sets your mind at ease and makes K&C a pleasure to work with over the process leading towards the end result of your transition to DevOps.


We are Not PowerPoint Consultants: For K&C, DevOps consulting is a hands-on process. We don’t just send you a presentation. We get our hands dirty assessing your existing IT, understanding your requirements and business, building proof-of-concept in your environment, implementing it and where required providing ongoing DevOps support and maintenance.

Cloud Is Not In Our 2019 Plan. Why Would We Need DevOps Consulting?

Even if cloud-migration is not planned for this year, taking the right architectural decisions now is key to a smooth future transition when the time is right. 

How Can I Measure the Business Result of DevOps?

Objectively measurable gauges of the value, risk, and quality your DevOps systems offer include:


DevOps Flow – how long does it take for backlog tasks to flow from developers to end users?


Deployment Risk – the relative risk of any new incremental deployment compared to pre-DevOps deployments.


Code Quality code quality metrics measure the overall quality of your code over time as well as the effectiveness of testing activities pre and post-DevOps.

K&C’s DevOps Consulting Methodology

Different organisations are at varying stages in the evolution of their automation of operations. This of course influences DevOps consultancy requirements. However, while details may be adapted to the circumstances of our partners, our DevOps consulting methodology will almost always involve:


Preliminary Assessment Workshop: the first stage is always a workshop with one of our senior DevOps consultants. That preliminary assessment will detail your organisation’s current IT infrastructure and capabilities. The output is business case and DevOps roadmap specific to your organisational goals.


Choice of Technology: K&C’s DevOps consultants will work with you towards a choice of the automation and cloud-native technologies that will best achieve the DevOps roadmap set-out.


Integration: your processes and workloads will then be redesigned for compatibility with the selected DevOps and native-cloud automation tools and technologies.


Monitoring & Reporting: ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. The efficiencies gained from your transition to a DevOps approach will be objectively measured through automated monitoring and reporting of software performance and operational visibility.


Ongoing DevOps Management: if required, K&C’s DevOps consultants can continue to support your development and operations teams through continued management and optimisation of your DevOps automation.


Future Proofing: an ongoing role as your DevOps consultants means we can continue to optimise your integrated technology infrastructure through the future evolutions and transformations that will keep you ahead of the competition in a dynamic business environment that moves with technology.

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