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Deliver projects faster with DevOps team

We developed a state-of-the-art DevOps approach.
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Let us choose the best technology for your next web project.

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Business benefits of DevOps continuous deployment

With IT-enabled innovation, organizations that want to maintain their competitive edge can no longer afford embarking on large and lengthy software development and testing cycles. DevOps, an integration of development and operations teams, will make your company more efficient in embracing the market challenges/delivering valuable software. We know how important is continuous delivery and DevOps is the solution to this challenge.

devops continuous deployment scheme
Faster time-to-market, improved ROI
Stable operating environments, reduced outages
Continuous release, deployment, testing and monitoring
Better collaboration between teams (Business / Development / Operations)
Improved quality of software products after DevOps adoption

Our DevOps services

By incorporating our DevOps best practices, you can benefit from deploying the code up to 30 times more frequently, at the same time, significantly reducing the risk of failure. We want to share our skills and experience and become your dedicated partner in DevOps architecture solutions - from strategic planning to delivery and ongoing maintenance.

“From social networking websites to complex enterprise platforms, K&C is committed to deliver outstanding web solutions that streamline collaboration, enable digital connection with the target audience and make your products known and available to millions of buyers”
Boris Morachev photo
Boris Morachev
COO at K&C
Automated infrastructure provisioning
Continuous integration and delivery pipelines
Custom development of dashboards, tools, connectors, and accelerators
DevOps as a Service
Training and consulting services

Think about DevOps? We are here to help!

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Contact us

Let us choose the best technology for your next web project

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How we work with continuous integration tools

We offer our expertise in many industry-leading DevOps tools, such as Jenkins, GitLab CI, Docker, Ansible etc.

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Docker Containers in Cluster

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  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Change set support
  • Permanent links to builds
  • RSS/E-mail/IM Integration
  • After-the-fact tagging
  • Distributed builds
  • Plugin Support

Local development

  • Docker is installed
  • All project dependencies are installed within a container
  • Changes to the code
  • Code submitted to VCS
  • CI build is launched


  • A lightweight method to forward and bring together logs and records.
  • Accompanies inside modules (auditd, Apache, Nginx, System, and MySQL) that streamline the gathering, parsing, and representation of basic log formats down to a unified command
  • Can be deployed in an isolated container on the same host and gather logs from each container that runs on the same host


  • Open source data visualization plugin for Elasticsearch
  • Gives shape to data of all kinds: structured and unstructured, indexed in Elasticsearch

Our cases

The Platform Providing Event Organization

KNect365 is the world’s largest events producer, with several thousand events annually welcoming 150,000 delegates in over 70 countries. Its leading events are complemented by year-round, multi-format content, networking opportunities, and capability-enhancing tools and programmes.

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White Label

A flexible White Label solution adopts the microservice architecture and Angular JS widgets to serve multiple tenants within one infrastructure.

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PPRO, e-payment specialist with over 1 mln. customers, needed a partner to implement an app based on React Native. Possessing a deep expertise in developing various banking applications, and having more than 17 years experience in web and mobile development, K&C reproduced major VIABUY functions with the cross-platform application.

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Reformation of Deployment Cycle for Bosch Classic Cars Portal

Implementation of DevOps technologies for optimization of the entire development workflow becomes popular due to improved efficiency achieved in real practice.

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Bosch Classic Car Services

A flagship digital engagement platform for 19,000+ vintage vehicles owners, with an intelligent search for 50,000 documents and customized communication solutions.

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Highly innovative online platform created to connect car drivers with authorized car service providers. Today, more than 200 000 drivers and 8 000 workshops partners are registered on the Drivelog.

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Mobility Media

K&C has been successfully partnering with Mobility Media GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, and supporting the development of marketplace projects for globally leading automotive supplier. Collaboration between K&C and Mobility Media GmbH started with the development of drivelog.de, web-based solution for car drivers. Since 2012 the platform has expanded to more than 400.000 users and 9000 workshop partners.

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Major Online Gaming Platform

Since 2012, we have helped to build and outstaff 3 development teams with more than 100 highly skilled professionals for multiple development projects of our client. Today, in our development center, 20 specialists work in the remote teams together with the client’s team of 70+ developers.

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IT competence center - from 1 to 120 experts

K&C helped a Major Online Gaming Platform to create and ramp up a strong competence center for Liferay solutions.

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Major German Travel Agency

K&C decreased the total page load time to 3.6 sec from 180 sec and 100 times reduced the number of calls to database.

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Radiology-as-a-Service Provider

Micro-service architecture for the new web application built on AngularJS.

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K&C developed fast and lightweight HYTE app with intuitive and seamless UI to enable HYTE connection with customer.

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Corporate web site major enhancements, performance improvement and portal maintenance services to the producer of the most exclusive and customized wooden floors.


An online platform based on Liferay, enterprise portal platform, for political news and online discussions, as well as a coordination platform for public activities that aims to broader civil involvement and participation in democracy.

Yes Telekom

A highly interactive web application with central database, granted access for traders, customers and the customer care center, with further integration with Metro AG portal. An integrated workflow allows a fast handling and high user interactivity and comfort.


Innovative e-Recruiting web platform for automated ads search, analysis and offers management for customer in the part-time work sector. Semantic analysis of more than a million jobs and integration into an automated recruitment process.


K&C developers helped the customer to create application with the same rich browsing experience and features that users enjoy in their web portal. The application should have been available on Android or iPhone and it was developed with PhoneGap technology.


InTouch Business case by K&C is a complex multi component platform, capable of scaling on multiple levels with fully automated deployment and release workflows.


Successful collaboration between K&C and Comm-IT, a software and systems development house, started in 2014. Since then K&C has been providing R&D services in several projects using MVC framework Angular, enterprise portal platform Liferay and other advanced technologies.

SIX Group

Being the index calculation service provider to SIX Group, Deutsche Börse AG and STOXX, Indexium required solid testing processes. K&C has built an entire test team from the ground up and provided a comprehensive range of testing to ensure the high quality and stability of Indexium application.

Commerz Finanz

Implementing processes for continiuous quality improvements during company integration with NP Paribas Personal Finance S.A - from quality management to testing to ensure the service level agreements.

Sparkasse Rhein-Haardt

In 2016 Sparkasse Rhein-Haardt decided to switch to the Finanze Informatik’s OSPlus asset accounting system and migrate their existing data from the previously used Quadriga system. The task was commissioned to K&C’s dedicated team, which used the established migration engine for OSPlus to avoid any risks of losing sensitive information. We provided technical assistance for the company's employees during our partnership. The whole project was successfully delivered in less than three months.

Customer reference

Collaboration models

We offer our clients flexible options for working on software development projects. Choose the DevOps outsourcing model that matches your needs in a best way.

Team Extension
  • Expand your R&D team or supplement the team's collective knowledge and experience with our skilled niche professionals.
  • Take advantage of attractive nearshore rates and reduce development cost up to 60%.
  • Keep your project under control and scale your team at any time.
Dedicated Teams
  • Hire a stable team of experts that are 100% dedicated to your project.
  • Be assured that the project will be delivered on time and within budget, as we used to work under tight deadlines.
  • Nearshore collaboration model allows reducing costs up to 75% while keeping full control over the entire process.
Agile Development Teams
  • Optimize project costs and ensure you’re always within the budget with our safe and carefree full-service solution.
  • Keep control of each sprint with the team that can work with the ongoing requirements.
  • Scale your agile team when needed, leveraging best-of-breed technologies.
Fixed Development Cost
  • Entrust your next project to us: from architecture to custom solutions development – we will manage it end-to-end.
  • Reduce costs by 2/3 and keep the budget stable throughout the entire project lifecycle with our fixed price model.
  • Stay focused on your core projects - our efficient self-managed team needs no supervision.
Delivery Management
  • Focus on your core business activities and we will manage the entire IT project for you.
  • Benefit from our systematic approach to the delivery process, which allows to minimize risks.
  • Reduce costs up to 2/3, taking advantage from a stress-free and completely streamlined process.
Consulting Solutions
  • Take advantage of our expertise in all major IT domains and ensure maximum personalized approach to every client.
  • Cut project costs by up to 2/3 with our transparent pricing model and attractive nearshore rates.
  • Be agile and quickly respond to ever-changing business requirements by working with the latest technologies and cutting-edge architectures.

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