Dedicated Teams for Web Development: Choice Criteria to be Checked

BlogUPDATED ON May 27, 2021


Nearshore IT outsourcing services

Do you need a dedicated team of IT specialists to complete your next development project end-to-end? IT outsourcing can be the perfect strategic decision. No fixed overheads once the project ends, is a huge advantage to healthy cashflow. And your team will be tailormade to the exact requirements of your project every time, comprised of the technology stack you need today, not yesterday or tomorrow. It’s a win-win with one caveat – you have to pick the right IT outsourcing provider of your dedicated team or team extension.

Today, the number of IT outsourcing companies and freelance workers available for hire is at an all-time high. Naturally, demand creates supply, and now, when everything is going digital, the demand is rather high. With no expertise in this field, finding the right people for the job can be frustrating. Sure, you can just go to the trendiest and most expensive companies and pay up. But, the wise choice would be making an effort to find just the right people for your project at a smart price. At Krusche & Company, we came up with a few tips to facilitate this process:

Find out if it’s going to work

You can work with companies from all over the world, but it’s critical to ensure that they share your mentality. Will they be able to communicate with you at a convenient time when they are in a different time zone? Can they quickly recruit the specialists with the expertise required for your task?

Seek a third-party’s opinion

Spend a bit of time going through their website and portfolio to see if they have experience in developing projects similar to yours. If there’s a list of previous clients, do not hesitate to contact them for feedback about the team.

Communicate with the team

Ideally, a well-prepared team will ask you lots of questions about the project. They will be interested in your product and your project goal and request presentations and other materials supporting it. Their level of engagement with you directly reflects their professionalism and passion for the job.

Run a technical interview

We strongly recommend running a technical interview with the specialists you are planning to hire. If you don’t have a team lead or any other highly competent person in your company, we suggest hiring an independent outsourced professional who will help you interview the potential employees.

Selecting the right team among a huge number of companies and freelancers can be intimidating. But, with the right expertise and help from an independent specialist, this task will result in a successful outcome. At Krusche & Company, we are ready to provide you with the perfect team for your project or assist you in finding the right people.