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Rancher - Taming Container Orchestration

Rancher is a full software stack for DevOps teams using containers. Big apps can require multiple Kubernetes clusters, which comes with operational and security challenges. Rancher’s role is to tame those challenges while providing DevOps teams with an integrated toolkit for the running of containerised workloads.
Free Your Coders to Code
Soften the K8s Learning Curve and Accelerate Adoption
Accelerate Innovation

Unified Multi-Cluster App Management

A business that hopes to remain competitive in the modern digital environment needs reliable services that stay up ‘no matter what’. The only realistic way to ensure 24/7 availability 365 days-a-year is to deploy services on different providers an in multiple locations. And that requires a rock solid platform built to manage numerous Kubernetes clusters in simultaneous production.

Rancher is used to deploy Kubernetes clusters on multiple providers in multiple locations. It also brings them under a single, central authentication and access control centre. It doesn’t matter to Rancher where resources are run with the platform treating different providers agnostically, allowing for the migration of resources between them. Multiple, independent Kubernetes deployments are unified as one managed K8s Cloud.

Why K&C For Your Rancher Support & Consulting Needs?

Made In Germany
K&C has been operating from our home in Munich for over 20 years. We instill good old German efficiency in our processes across our nearshored tech talent centres.
Nearshored Tech Smarts
Our tech talent centres in Kiev and Krakow help us recruit some of the best IT talent coming out of Europe. Trained to our demanding standards, these fine minds are the core of K&C's value proposition.
Your Project - Your Rules
We offer a flexible range of cooperation models designed to fit the needs of different projects and partners. Our team extensions, dedicated teams and consultants can work remote, from your premises or a blend of both.
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