White Label: A Customized Software Solution from a Business and Tech Perspective

White Label: A Customized Software Solution from a Business and Tech Perspective

The concept of white label (WL) as a customized solution created by one company and used under the label of the other company is not new in the world of marketing and has already become red hot in the IT field today. Large companies and start-up projects alike successfully apply it to boost their efficiency and expand their business in general.

Today, we would like to point out all the business and tech advantages that you will reap by using a WL solution created by K&C.

Why K&C

K&C has become an expert in the white label approach, primarily through a successful collaboration with the largest producer of auto electronics. K&C created a commercial platform for this client based on WL architecture.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a way to save money and/or an efficient tech solution for your business, K&C knows how to help you so you don’t get mired in the sea of opportunities.

Quick review of business benefits

Fast solution. A WL approach to technology makes business branding simple. There is no need to spend time and money on application development as you can customize a WL software solution for your business needs–just like our client has done.

Cost savings. If you think you can develop an application by yourself, think again. Business often requires speed and care with resource investment. In the end, you will likely find that paying for the WL solution was the most effective way.

Right focus. Everyone should do what they do best. If you’re a strong business executive, let tech companies like ours offer you a relevant solution. Check available resources and ask K&C professionals to customize a WL software solution for your unique company needs.

Our team successfully managed to achieve brilliant results with such requests as widgets for booking services, car identification, and cost estimation.

Let’s proceed to the tech benefits

Flexibility. The WL solution by K&C can be customized, configured, and extended inside your brand. A WL architecture allows you, or your software tenants (in case you resell a tech stack), to change reports, integrate third-party services, or add custom fields.

Down-to-earth example: your tenants may need to add different payment gateways, external systems, or specific UI elements. To make it possible, you need to hold a flexible stack that can be customized with minimal expense regarding additional development.

Multi-tenancy. The WL approach is often called a multi-tenant model since various clients are using the same software solution simultaneously. Relating a user to a particular client and accurately distributing that client’s data is one of the biggest challenges you will face with the WL approach. Fortunately, our specialists know how to overcome these obstacles and can surely claim that cross-tenant requests are impossible in the system. In our case, each request has an API token upon which the tenant recognition was performed.

Scalability. In case the number of activities per minute increases, your system needs to handle the workload quickly and without interruptions in order to prevent a negative user experience. The micro-service architecture of the WL solution by K&C allows for increasing scalability so you’ll be able to evaluate infrastructure, check the number of virtual or physical servers, and maintain hosting in multiple zones.

All in all, if you are looking for a smart decision for your business, K&C is ready to assist you by creating a customized, top-notch, quality WL solution.

Sound interesting? Then read our case on WL architecture  and find out more useful info regarding this solution.

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