Culture eats technology for breakfast

Culture eats technology for breakfast

Once, an IT manager told me that he would not support his colleague because if he did- this guy will make it in his career, while the IT manager would be left behind.

If you have such employees and that type of culture in your company, you can forget about all of your advanced IT strategies and the latest technology that you implement in your business. While the technology may work, a poisonous culture will render it ineffective.

Everyone knows the motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson. However, there was a time when the manufacturing quality left a great deal to be desired. Their management completely ignored the corporate culture and, accordingly, the company was left almost on the verge of ruin. It took corporate leadership and culture change to improve Harley-Davidson’s culture which in turn improved its manufacturing quality and eventually its bottom line.

And if we look at contemporary, flourishing companies like IBM, Boeing, Dana, McDonald’s, and others, we will notice that each of them has a strong commitment to values within the company.

In light of this, it becomes clear that the presence of a corporate culture within the organization, among other things, creates the image of a confident and promising company in the minds of suppliers and consumers, as well as a strong player among competitors.


Here are some basics steps from my own experience to change the culture:

1. Grow – not defend

Successful, agile companies provide a growth spirit and offer their employees the opportunity to grow with them simultaneously. In this way, collaboration becomes a cornerstone of every employee’s individual success. Under such conditions, defending or fighting turns out to be unfavorable to the team.

2. Cross-departmental collaboration to serve the customer

Putting the customer in the center is key to the success of any business. In technology, this principle is even more pronounced. Once all staff members are on board with the principle of customer service, then a quality product will be guaranteed.

3. Listen, understand, and explain

Any change in the company’s processes causes stress. Stress, in turn, leads to uncertainty in the company’s own strengths and fears regarding possible problems because of the change that is taking place. Appreciate open communication. Explain why something has changed, why your company needs it now, and how it will affect each and every employee. Give them a chance to vocalize their ideas, thoughts, and vision of the situation. This will create an atmosphere of trust among employees and higher officials.

Establish the right culture in your day-to-day business and you will lay a solid ground for your company.

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