Hybrid, SAAS+PAAS: cloud solution trends to watch in 2019

Hybrid, SAAS+PAAS: cloud solution trends to watch in 2019

Still delaying a decision on migrating your business workloads to the cloud? Don’t! Our top 3 2019 trends in cloud devops technologies should convince you that your business will be more effective if you harness cloud power in 2019, either through a full or hybrid migration.

Today, companies are quickly adapting to the speedy and agile multi-cloud era. Gartner cloud strategy research states that by 2019 ‘cloud’ will be as common a term as ‘network’, with business perception of the use of cloud services fully normalised.

But there will still be significant growth in the use of cloud devops. Half of all global enterprises currently using the cloud will embrace an all-in cloud strategy by 2021. Cloud technology is not a buzzword anymore but a standard with quickly developing trends and progress.

We’ve reviewed the latest trends to keep your business up to date.

Hybrid Cloud Era

While 2021 is coming quickly, we’re not there yet and Cloud Hybrid IT architecture and devops is still common. This is a half-cloud approach that allows businesses to manage resources both in-house and remotely. According to IDG Connect, mixing and matching infrastructure models allows cloud hybrid IT to balance the benefits of agility/cost effectiveness from a public cloud infrastructure with the security/governance/control of an in-house data center. Among the leading players in the cloud tech market are Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google Cloud Services and other tech giants.

SaaS + PaaS Mix

Cloud hybrid IT allows for not only the integration of internal and external environments, but also the blending of software (SaaS) and platform services (PaaS). A professional combination of these two cloud solutions allows a business to create custom digital platforms with enhanced tools for productivity and collaboration.

SaaS and PaaS solutions are now leaving in-house services behind. 55% of large enterprises will successfully implement an all-in cloud SaaS strategy by 2025. As for PaaS, more and more enterprise customers believe that PaaS will become the primary form of platform delivery over the coming years. Today, companies are already deciding to develop solutions for event messaging, data integration, and stream analytics with the help of cloud PaaS.

Combining these two cloud solutions is crucial if a standard technological and business approach (SaaS or PaaS only) doesn’t work for your project.

A SaaS + PaaS combination should mean your project is fully flexible and customized to meet your unique business needs. A perfect example is how, as a cloud solution provider, the K&C team collaborated with ‘client X’. The company had a non-standard integrated infrastructure involving multiple custom web platforms. To get these platforms operating as one joined up ecosystem we went agile and proposed a mix of SaaS and PaaS. The result was one platform able to host a bunch of scattered services, carry out multiple operations and connect different software approaches.

The increasing maturity of cloud offerings means cloud solution providers are  constantly updating their expertise. The K&C team always follows the key cloud devops and cloud architecture trends to find the optimal solution to challenging and innovative projects. We like to mix multiple cloud services to go above and beyond and create the best custom solutions for our clients’ needs.

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