Multinational, multilingual booking app for vehicle servicing network

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Case study overview

This case study provides an overview of how a K&C team has supported the ongoing agile development of a complex web app for over 10 years. Our client is one of the world’s largest and best-known engineering and technology groups.

The application, a consumer-facing application for booking automotive maintenance and repair services via official service partners, is embedded into several websites belonging to our client.

It is also designed to be able to be sold to third parties as a white-label product – either with the front-end UI (which can be adjusted for variations on the look and feel) or simply as an API.

The team also works on complementary applications, such as one whose users are our client’s network of service partners and communicates with the core application. Service partners use their app to update on things like their availability, range of services, prices and locations. And to receive and confirm the bookings made via the main app.

Unique qualities of this project include its duration, over a decade now with K&C support from the first iterations. And the fact our client’s risk management strategy sees a 9-person K&C Scrum team working in parallel with a second team from another provider as well as in-house management and IT specialists, bringing the total to 20. 

Key points

Why an IT outsourcing strategy?

A key benefit of our client’s IT outsourcing strategy has been the flexibility to scale the software development team behind the app up and down with project and market cycles. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic period when user demand dropped drastically, the team could be efficiently scaled back to a skeleton support level and then quickly scaled back up as user numbers bounced back. 

Doing the same with a 20-person in-house team of employees would have been impossible due to a combination of employment law and the expense involved.

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The team

Front End

4 x front end developers 

Back End

2 x back end developers

QA Automation

2 x QA engineers for automated AI testing

Manual Testing

1 x manual QA for UI testing

The application's tech stack timeline

2011 - Liferay

The first iteration of the app was created on the Liferay platform

2016 - AngularJS

The app was migrated to AngularJS on the front end and Java/Spring on the back end

2019 - Angular 2+

A further major migration upgdated the app to Angular 2+ (Angular 4 at the time)


Our client's security policy means the entire codebase is updated to the latest LTS versions of Angular and Java approximately every 6 months

The tech stack

The technology stack used in this project includes but is not limited to:

Front End


Back End

Java and Spring

QA Automation

Automated API testing with Cucumber and Gherkin

Key challenge:
2 outsourcing providers - 1 development team

A unique characteristic of this project is that members of the 20-strong team working on the maintenance and Agile iterations of the application come from three distinct direct employers:

  1. Project management, DevOps & technical support are contributed by the client
  2. K&C contributes a 9-strong Scrum team including front end, back end, QA automation and testing functions
  3. An additional 6-person Scrum team is contributed by a second IT outsourcing provider.
The different roles and teams are unified under an adapted Scrum-of-Scrums framework with combined planning, review and meetings. Over the 10+ years lifetime of the app, different approaches have been used but currently the two Scrum teams have seperate and defined areas of responsibility with backlog items allocated accordingly. 
High-level project management and product ownership contributed by the client efficiently manages the workflow between teams and across roles, mitigating the risks inherent in bringing together teams and specialists employed by 3 companies. 
The client also manages its own business risk by avoiding over-reliance on a single provider – something it considers a key strategic consideration. 


The result

Our client's benefits include


Combining in-house project management, product ownership and infrastructure roles with software development roles outsourced to nearshore providers keeps the project cost efficient.


An IT outsourcing strategy allows our client to flexibly scale the application’s team up and down with project cycle needs and the market environment. 

Risk management

Splitting the roles in the wider team between in-house employees and 2 distinct IT outsourcing partners reduces the client’s exposure to any single point of failure.

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K&C has been a reliable partner for several of our projects. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with established and highly skilled professionals that have a clear understanding of our specific business needs and requirements.

Holger Böttcher
Head of Workshop Cloud Services at Robert Bosch

Krusche & Company have always delivered on time. Their customer-centered approach and adaptability contribute to a successful partnership, with collaboration occurring virtually.

Christian Müller
Head of Comm & Information Solutions, Finanz Informatik

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We already knew K&C before our need to ramp up our development team and knew that they are reliable and have experience with a variety of impressive and satisfied customers of different company sizes from enterprises to start-ups like us. So we were confident we'd be a good fit and the reality matched with K&C support invaluable to our recruiting process as a scaling start-up.

Till Söhlemann
Co-founder, StudySmarter

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