Automated integration testing - an e-commerce case study

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Our client KaiserKraft is a major German e-commerce company specialised in the sale of office furniture and equipment, industrial and workshop equipment and storage and packaging solutions.

Originally established in 1945 as a traditional B2B retailer, Stuttgart-based KaiserKraft still runs a network of physical showrooms and stores across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Over recent years, e-commerce has become the group’s biggest driver of growth and KaiserKraft runs 20+ e-commerce platforms serving its international markets. Individual platforms exist in up to 3 different languages.

An agile approach to the development and maintenance to these key strategic assets means new iterations need to be regularly pulled into the production environment of often multiple sites.

It is imperative that these merges take place with zero to minimum down time and do not result in errors on the live sites.  

Automated integration testing

Why automated integration testing

The benefits

Improved user experience

Minimises down time and errors or bugs

Component communication

Interface verification, error detection, CI and regression testing all benefit

Confidence in code changes

Lose the stress ahead of pull requests to merge development and production code.

Back end decoupled

Front end and back end work can run parallel  components in parallel with pre-defined API contracts or interfaces

Automated integration testing with TestCafe

Automated integration testing with TestCafe provides an efficient and reliable testing solution. Tests are written in JavaScript and can be run in multiple browsers. The TestCafe framework automates the testing process by simulating user actions and generating assertions, making it accessible for even for non-technical testers.

TestCafe can run in headless mode or in real browsers, providing more accurate testing results. The framework also supports multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, making it easy to test cross-browser compatibility.

TestCafe also provides useful features for debugging and troubleshooting such as the ability to take screenshots and videos of test runs, and the ability to run tests in debug mode.

Overall, TestCafe is a powerful and efficient tool for automated integration testing that provides reliable and accurate testing results.

The importance of reporting

Reporting is a critical component of automated integration testing, as it provides visibility into the results of test runs and helps identify and fix issues quickly.

For our testing solution, we are using ReportPortal to view detailed reports and identify where tests have failed, allowing us to quickly fix any issues. ReportPortal provides a user-friendly interface for viewing test results and analysing trends over time.

ReportPortal also provides several useful features, some of which we implemented. These include the ability to download videos of failed tests and integration with third-party tools such as Sentry for error tracking.

These features enable our team to easily identify and resolve any issues that arise during the testing process, ensuring that our code changes are thoroughly tested and meet the highest quality standards.

Parallelisation for test velocity

Parallelisation is an effective way to speed up the testing process.

With over 300 test cases that cover the most critical parts of the application, including country and device-specific cases, we are able to execute more than 800 tests overall for 3 of the client’s most strategically important e-commerce sites in just 15 minutes.

This is achieved by running the tests in 87 parallel AWS containers, allowing us to complete the testing quickly and efficiently.

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