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How to Build a Rancher & Docker Based Cloud

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To build your own fail-safe cloud in your data center, you will need to remain patient as well as having basic Docker knowledge.

To build your own fail-safe cloud in your data center, you will need some basic Docker knowledge. And then you can keep calm as we are here to help. Let’s start.

We will use a considerable program stack:

- Named (round-robin) — Balancing by DNS 
- NGINX — Web server for proxying requests for a web application
- Docker — Software for automation of the application deployment and management within the virtualization environment at the operating system level
- Docker compose — A tool for starting and connecting to several Docker containers
- Docker registry — Software for storing Docker images
- Rancher — Rancher Labs develops software which allows easy deployment and management of containers within any organization operating on any infrastructure
- Rancher compose — Operates on the principle of Docker compose, serves for activation of the Rancher functions
- Consul — A utility for Service Discovery and Key/Value Storage
- Jenkins — A continuous integration tool written in Java

To build a basic infrastructure (without NA), we will need the following:

Name                 IP                               DNS
WebServer        web.cloud.infra
CloudMaster          master1.cloud.infra
CloudClient1          ci1.cloud.infra
CloudClient2        ci2.cloud.infra

* The IPs shown were taken from a real system and are required to match screen shots.


1. Setting up a local DNS

The cloud is built within our network, for which purpose a separate zone shall be created.

Edit the configuration file named

nano /etc/named/cloud.zones
zone "cloud.infra" {
        type master;
        file "/var/named/master/cloud.infra";

Now create a zone file:

2. Setting up a master server

nano /var/named/master/cloud.infra
$TTL    3600
@	IN	SOA     ns.cloud.infra. hostmaster.cloud.com. (
                                2015111800	; Serial
                                28800           ; Refresh
                                7200            ; Retry
                                604800          ; Expire
                                3600 )         ; Default Minimum TTL
                IN	NS ns.cloud.infra.
master1         A
ci1             A
ci2             A
web	        A

And restart Named

service named restart

DNS has been set up, so proceed to creating a master server

The master server will accommodate: 

- Rancher-server
- Consul-server
- Jenkins 

Start up the container with Rancher

sudo docker run -d --restart=always -p 8080:8080 rancher/server

Our Rancher server is available at http://master1.cloud.infra:8080.

Let’s set up authorization: 

1. Admin -> Access Control
2. Select LOCAL 

3. Add a new user

Set up environments:

1. Go to the tab: Default
2. Click: Add Environment
3. Select: Cattle
4. Type the name and add users 

Setting up your own registry

1. Go to the tab Infrastructure -> Registries
2. Select: Custom 
3. Insert your values 

Create an API key

1. Go to the tab: API
2. Generate and write down your values 

Let's finish with Rancher for the time being and come back to it when setting up clients

Start up the container with consul-server

docker run -d -p 8500:8500 -p 53:8600/udp  \ 
-p 400:8400 -p 8300:8300 -p 8301:8301 -p 8302:8302 \
--name=consul gliderlabs/consul-server -bootstrap

Consul is (will be) available at http://master1.cloud.infra:8500

Start Jenkins

docker run -d -p 32769:8080 jenkins

Jenkins is (will be) available at http://master1.cloud.infra:32769

3. Setting up clients

Start up two Docker containers on CloudClient1 and CloudClient2

Rancher client
- Consul registrator 

To start Rancher client, go to Rancher master:

1. Go to Infrastructure -> Hosts
2. And click: Add Host
3. Enter the external IP of the server in item 4
4. Copy the content of item (from) 5

Start up containers with Rancher and Consul on CloudClient1

sudo docker run -e CATTLE_AGENT_IP=""  \ 
-d --privileged -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \ 
-v /var/lib/rancher:/var/lib/rancher rancher/agent:v1.0.2 \ 
docker run -d -v \ 
/var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock gliderlabs/registrator \
-ip consul://

Do the same on CloudClient2 but change the IP addresses

sudo docker run -e CATTLE_AGENT_IP=""  \ 
-d --privileged -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \ 
-v /var/lib/rancher:/var/lib/rancher rancher/agent:v1.0.2 \ 
docker run -d -v \ 
/var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock gliderlabs/registrator \
-ip consul://

If everything has been successfully completed, then we will see our servers in Rancher

* Please, ignore the launched services

4. Setting up a project

To create a project in Rancher, you need to create a docker-compose v1 file, add data obtained from the API, and download Rancher-compose.

Rancher does not collect projects from Dockerfile, but downloads them from the registry. For this reason, collect either locally or from any host

Create a homepage project:

nano docker-compose-rancher.yml
  image: registry.cloud.infra/homepage 
   - "3000"
   - mongo
   - MONGO_URL=mongodb://mongo:27017/homepage-dev
   - ROOT_URL=http://localhost
   - MAIL_URL=smtp://some.mailserver.com:25
    io.rancher.container.pull_image: always
  image: mongo:3.2.6
  command: mongod --smallfiles
      - /srv/docker/homepage/mongo:/data/db
    io.rancher.container.pull_image: always

Also, create a simple build script

nano new.sh
case "${1}" in
	--build | -b )  docker build --no-cache --rm -t ${IMAGE_NAME} .
	--run | -r ) docker run -d -P -t ${IMAGE_NAME}
    --help | -h ) printf "usage: ${0} [arg]\n--build,-b\tBuild image\n--run,-r\tRun\n"
	* ) printf "Print ${0} --help for help\n"

Export global variables

export RANCHER_URL='http://master1.cloud.infra:8080/v1/'
export RANCHER_ACCESS_KEY='access'
export RANCHER_SECRET_KEY='secret'

And download Rancher-compose (Link in the bottom right-hand corner in Rancher)

Add the project to Rancher

rancher-compose --file docker-compose-rancher.yml create

Start the project

rancher-compose --file docker-compose-rancher.yml up -d

If everything has been successfully completed, then we will see the following in Rancher:

We will also see the following in Consul:

5. Setting up a WEB server

Install NGINX and download consul-template

yum install nginx
wget https://releases.hashicorp.com/consul-template/0.15.0/

Create a Consul-template for NGINX

nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/homepage.ctmpl
server {
    listen 80;
    server_name homepage.cloud.infra;
    client_max_body_size 4M;
    proxy_cache            one;
    location / {
        proxy_set_header Host $host:$server_port;
        proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
        proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
        {{range service "homepage-3000" }}
        proxy_pass http://{{.Address}}:{{.Port}};{{end}}
        proxy_read_timeout 90;
        proxy_cache_valid      200  10m;
        proxy_cache_methods    GET HEAD POST;
        proxy_cache_use_stale  error timeout invalid_header updating http_500 http_502 http_503 http_504;
        proxy_http_version 1.1;
        proxy_set_header   Upgrade $http_upgrade;
        proxy_set_header   Connection "upgrade";

Start NGINX and consul-template

service nginx start 
consul-template \ 
-consul master1.cloud.infra:8500 \ 
-template "/etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx.ctmpl:/etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx.conf:service nginx restart"

Now, Consul-template will keep track of changes in Consul-server and rewrite data to the NGINX configurations.

6. Jenkins CI

The final tweak in our cloud is adding continuous integration. 

For this purpose, add values obtained from the API to the configuration in Jenkins

Create a Job and insert the following in the shell exec item

cd $JOB_NAME; ./new.sh -b
docker push registry/homepage
rancher-compose --file docker-compose-rancher.yml up --force-upgrade --pull --confirm-upgrade -d


Once everything has been completed, we will have a cloud project which can be deployed by clicking on a button. The containers are up on the least loaded hosts and linked between each other via the internal Rancher network.

I have not described all the capabilities of this cloud because it takes time, but I have described the basic capabilities.

Now you can continue on your own!

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